How To Plan Your Dream 6-Figure Business In 30 Days WORKSHOP

In this video I show you how to plan your dream 6-7 figure business in 30 days that fits your personality, desires, and ideal lifestyle, and make money from a brand new business even if you have no experience or product to sell

This workshop is valued at $77 and is part of my Dream Business Blueprint course.  I am giving you FREE access to this workshop for a limited time. 

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By The End Of This Training You Will Have Discovered:


How to determine the exact type of business that is a perfect match for your personality, desires, and ideal lifestyle (even if you already have a business or have never started a business)


How to make money from a brand new business even if you have no audience, no experience, and no product to sell


How to plan your dream 6-figure business in just 30 days that is so aligned with what you want that you literally leap out of bed to get started

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How to create and sell your 6-figure digital product in 30 days, even if you don't have an audience, an idea, a team, and are terrified of tech, using my proven

4 Step "Fill In The Blanks" Profitable Info Product Process

What if I told you that you could create your first info product in just 3 hours using FREE easy-to-use tools, and even have students using it in less than 30 days?

Discover my unique digital product creation formula that’s been tested and optimized over the last 10 years with hundreds of different products reaching up to the 6-figure mark.

Dream Business Product
  • Have you been forced to take your business online due to the pandemic and you’re not sure how to make this online thing profitable for your line of work?
  • Have you been struggling to get your online business off the ground because you’re not sure what to offer for sale?
  • Or maybe you struggle to take time off work because you’re a coach, freelancer, or service provider?
  • Would you love to scale up your business but you don’t have enough hours left in the day to take on any more clients?
  • Do you have expertise, or knowledge in a particular subject area that you know could benefit other people?
  • Do you get joy out of teaching, whether that is through writing, speaking, or demonstrating?
  • Do you have a great idea for an info product but the whole process seems too time consuming, expensive, and difficult so you keep putting it off?
  • Have you created info products before that haven’t sold well and you’re feeling like nothing is working?
  • Are you lacking in confidence when it comes to creating digital products because you don’t see how you could stand out in a crowded market?
  • Are you scared of creating a digital product because it seems like it’s too techie, and you are terrified of tech?

Don’t worry. You’re not alone. I felt the exact same way before I started my business and I’m going to share how I overcame all of these challenges now.

It is normal and perfectly OK to be fearful before you start an online business. I want to encourage you to push through these fears and find the easiest, simplest way to get your business off the ground.

Overwhelm and confusion in the world of online business is rife. You’ll find experts everywhere telling you that you need to follow their latest strategy before you can have success online.

Have you been told that to you need to:

  • Engage with 50 people each day on social media by commenting on 3 of their posts
  • Post your tips in Facebook groups and wait for people to dm you
  • Create 3 new good quality YouTube videos every week
  • Write 10 new in-depth blog posts each month
  • Do constant free discovery and strategy calls with prospects
  • Post endlessly to Instagram stories
  • Follow whatever the latest strategy is that the guru of the week is recommending
  • Be everywhere
  • Do everything

But if you look at this list closely enough you might notice that all of these different business strategies are marketing techniques.

The biggest problem that I see new “business owners” making is that they are trying all of the latest new and trendy marketing techniques to grow their audiences…

Without first having a product to sell.

What’s the point in growing an audience if you don’t have anything to sell them?

Did you know that 67% of all digital device users actively window shop looking for products to buy, and 77% of these users make impulse purchases from their devices within the first hour of seeing the product.

Shopping online. Smiling mature woman shopping through Internet while sitting on sofa

If you spend 6 months focused on building your audience without having anything to sell them you are missing out on all of these sales that could be coming in immediately from your products. 

A lot of experts will tell you that you have to build know, like, and trust with your audience before they will buy your product, and that is increasingly true as the price of your product rises.

But if you have an easy-to-create low ticket product for sale as soon as someone encounters you, if you position the product properly, there is a good chance that people will buy it immediately.

I have been creating online businesses for over 10 years, and have noticed that most of my sales actually come from people who have literally just discovered me.

All you actually need to do to start making sales is to: 

  • Create a low-ticket product that solves a specific problem
  • Choose one marketing strategy that you love and focus on that to help your ideal buyers to discover you

Info products are the holy-grail of all products as they give you all of the benefits that everyone wants from their businesses:

Imagine creating a business where: 

  • You get the flexibility to choose your own hours
  • You go on vacations on a regular basis and your business can keep making money while you’re gone
  • You make enough money for all of your desires
  • You get to work with people that light you up or work alone if you choose
  • You get to work wherever you choose and be location independent
  • You get to create your working environment exactly the way you want
  • You are totally fulfilled and using your gifts to help others
  • You wake up excited to get started with your work, and you’re buzzing with new ideas all of the time

And in addition to all of these benefits infoproducts also give you

  • The highest profit levels of all business models
  • The lowest risk of all business models
  • The lowest cost to get started (create your first product for free)
  • The lowest barrier to entry to start your own business
  • Make sales while you sleep
  • Scale up your business indefinitely with no limit on your number of customers
  • Help numerous customers at the same time
  • Reach people all over the world at the click of a button
  • Create an info product that suits your own personality and teaching style
Woman Carrying Shopping Bags On City Street
Working in home office

What’s not to love?

I built all of my online businesses on the back of info products, and they have worked very well for me and my clients in numerous different niches.

When I started my very first business I started a blog focusing on a healthy weight loss drink recipe.

The first money I ever made from my website was by putting Adsense (ad network banners) on my blog. I was overjoyed at my first payout for $30 as it proved to me that it was possible to make money on the internet. From that point onwards I was hooked and I searched for other ways to make money online.

It was at that point I came across info products. When I started my first business, video courses weren’t something that anybody really offered. Everyone was making money with ebooks, so that’s what I started with too.

The very first product I offered for sale was called Green Thickies 7 Day Detox. This is a PDF download of 7 days worth of meal plans for a specific type of green meal replacement shake recipe that I invented.

As soon as I launched my PDF it took off like a rocket.

Some people say that selling PDFS is dead now, and it’s all about video courses now, but that’s not true.

Some experts will also tell you that it’s not possible to make a lot of money from low-ticket items.

From my own experience, that’s just not true.

My 7 Day Detox has been my highest selling product for the last 9 years. It helped me make multiple 6-figures in revenue. Most of my revenue came from a PDF that has been priced between $5 and $29 during that time.

And even though I haven’t been active in this business for many years, I still make thousands of dollars a month in passive income from my info products from my Green Thickies business. Most of my sales still come from this PDF and come in on a daily basis.

All of this from a business that I literally don’t spend any time on anymore. That’s the power of info products and the freedom they can give you.

Dream Business Product - proof

When people think of infoproducts, most people think about ebooks or courses. But did you know that there are actually over 60 different types of infoproducts?

I have experimented with creating a lot of different info products over the years and I have noticed that a lot of my sales come from repeat buyers, so it’s well worth creating more than one info product so your buyers can go on to purchase more from you.

It is so much easier to double, or treble your sales very easily and automatically by selling more products to existing customers on autopilot.

Did you know that thirty percent of consumers say they would rather buy from a website they’ve bought from previously?

So that’s why starting your business by selling low-ticket info products is a great way to sell your other low AND high-ticket products to existing customers in the future.

People ask me all the time how I make money online, and I’m finally spilling the beans and sharing all of my secrets to success with you.

Introducing Dream Business Product

Dream Business Product is my proven 4 Step "Fill In The Blanks" Profitable Info Product Program for creating your 6-figure product in 30 days.

Dream Business Product

Dream Business Product helps you to:

  • Create your product and have it ready to launch in just 30 days using a method that suits your personality
  • Plan your product stack so customers are begging you for your next product after their current purchase
  • Choose the type of product to create first that is exactly right for your personality, and your audience and takes less than 3 hours to create your entire product
  • Discover how to choose a topic that you are passionate about and frame it in such a way that it solves your customer's painful problems and gets them begging you to take their money.
  • How to name your product so it sticks in your buyer's mind and creates immediate demand
  • Write your high converting sales page with ease with my plug and play perfect sales page template
Woman coding on laptop at home
Female graphic designer in a modern office
Freelancer woman Working on the computer from the cafe
  • Create professional product images, front covers, bundles, and marketing images in a matter of minutes without having to hire a designer (for free)
  • Stand out in the crowd and easily sell your product by creating a unique product framework
  • Make creating your product as easy as filling in the blanks
  • Get students to go through your product straight away and give you constructive feedback and testimonials
  • Get people using and loving your product so they have no choice but to become a buyer
  • Create raving fans for life who continue to buy from you over and over again
  • Use FREE and EASY tech solutions that make creating info products such as courses, PDFs, audios and video masterclasses a breeze. I walk you through all types of product creation that you can learn in just minutes, even if you’re terrified of tech
  • Make more money from what you've already created with just a few tweaks.
  • The secret to knowing exactly how to price your products to maximize your profits
  • Make constant sales organically without spending any money

What People Are Saying About Dream Business Product

Fabulous, Comprehensive Course!

It was simply a miracle that I was able to purchase this course at this price point. I am a poet, dreamweaver, and artist who greatly enjoys building my own websites with images, colors and inspiration. I was lacking the know how of how to use words and ideas to market through ads, and content. This detailed DBP Course teaches you exactly how to do these things. Yes, I was occasionally overwhelmed with learning the technical step by step process needed, but realized that all of the support that I was desperate for is provided by the hosts that Kath recommends. I am deeply grateful that I manifested Kath and her courses into my reality for my business would not be going forward without her knowledge that she so generously shares.

5 Stars For this Dream Business Product

Elisha Gabriell

Laughing Goddess Courses

Testimonial 1 DB Product

Why Is Dream Business Product Different?

There are SO many reasons why Dream Business Product is different and better than all of the other product creation programs out there:


Other Products

Dream Business Product

Create, host, and sell your product totally FREE

No, most of the other programs out there require you to spend money on Facebook ads to promote and pre-sell your product

Yes. Dream Business Product teaches EVERYTHING for free including ALL of the tech, product hosting, getting paid, and promotion using only free methods

Helps you choose a profitable topic for your product

No, most other programs will show you how to decide on the topic for your course, but they don’t help you choose a profitable topic

Yes, not only do I help you choose a topic that you are passionate about for your product, but I also help you frame it in such a way that it is guaranteed to help solve your customers' problems and they’ll be begging you to take their money.

Shows you exactly how to stand out from the crowd by telling you exactly how to describe your product to get immediate attention

No, most programs are vague and confusing and although they tell you to be unique and to create a “hook” they don’t spell out exactly how to do it.

Yes. Not only do I show you exactly how you can stand out from the crowd with specific examples, I give you the exact words to use to describe your unique offer to make people immediately grab their wallets and pay you

Plan, create, promote and support all in 30 days

No, most other programs only show you how to create a product but they don’t tell you how long it will take and they don’t tell you what to do with it when it’s created

Yes. I give you EVERYTHING needed to plan and create your profitable product, promote it, welcome in students and support them all within 30 days.

Helps you create the exact product that’s right for YOUR personality

No. Most people will try and tell you to create a course even if you hate the sound of your own voice and are terrified of the camera

Yes. I take into account that you are a unique person with unique preferences and not everybody is gifted with the same skills. With over 60 different info products to choose from, I help you choose the right product type for your personality and play to your strengths.

Helps you plan out your entire product suite and business model before focusing on creating just one product

No, most programs will tell you to create your signature course but they don’t tell you how that fits into your overall product suite or overall business model.

Yes. I show you how to take a birds eye view of your entire business before deciding which product to create first. This will save you wasting time and having to recreate products at a later date.

Create your entire product in just 3 hours

No, most programs will tell you not to create your course in advance but to pre-sell your course to “test” the marketplace.

Yes. Pre-selling isn’t suitable for most people as it requires a large audience or a large injection of cash into paid ads. I show you how you can create your entire product in 3 hours so there’s no need to pre-sell your course - you can just finish it in a flash. Nothing goes to waste. You will never need to ditch this product. I also show you how to tweak and repurpose your product in the future to create different types of offers to enhance your sales.

Helps you fill in the blanks to create your profitable product

No, most programs will not tell you how to structure your learning content. They just tell you to create an outline and then create the content.

Yes. Dream Business Product tells you exactly how to structure your learning content to take your students on a success journey. I give you the exact “fill in the blanks” templates to use both for your product creation, and your promotional materials.

Helps you to make sales from your course

No, most programs won’t help you make sales from your product once it’s created as they are teaching complicated paid ads and that requires a whole course to explain it

Yes. I teach you how to make constant sales organically in numerous different ways without spending any money on promotion using a marketing method that suits your own personality type. I make it easy and simple for you to get paid without complicated funnels or paid ads. I also give you the exact scripts you’ll need to start making sales straight away.

4 Step "Fill In The Blanks" Profitable Info Product Process

Another way that Dream Business Product is different to any other info product program out there because it focuses on my unique and proven 4 Step "Fill In The Blanks" Profitable Info Product Process.

4 Step "Fill In The Blanks" Profitable Info Product Process

The 4 steps of the process of the "Fill In The Blanks" Profitable Info Product Process are:

  1. Purposeful Masterplan
  2. Product Creation
  3. Profitable Promotion
  4. Provide Support

1) Purposeful Masterplan

The secret to creating a profitable product is to put a little bit of thought into what it’s going to look like before you start creating it.

Most people just start creating a product without any pre-planning whatsoever, and it ends up costing them so much time and money because they don’t end up making any money from their course. They just didn’t create a product that anyone actually wanted.

I’m going to help you avoid this by taking you through my essential Purposeful Masterplan. Whatever you do, don’t skip this stage as this is where the gold lies.

This is where I share all of the secrets to creating a profitable product with you, such as how to plan your product stack, the type of product that’s right for you, the topic that is going to make you money, standing out from the crowd, outlining your product, and the essential dos and don’ts of creating your product, how to structure your products in a way that students get results, pricing your product to maximize your profits, and creating high converting sales pages.

2) Product Creation 

You don’t have to worry about creating your info product because I walk you through the entire process step by step. It’s as easy as painting by numbers. All of the tech that I am going to walk you through is free so you don’t have to worry about any additional costs from creating your product.

I’m going to show you how easy it is to create your own professional product images in minutes so you never need to worry about hiring a designer, create all of your product assets that you could possibly need such as slide decks, videos, presentations, audio, workbooks, checklists, PDFs, and bonuses.

And once you create your product in less than 3 hours, I’ll show you how quick and easy it is to add it to a secure membership for your paying customers and take payments automatically using an in-built online shopping cart.

I’m even showing you how to create a professional sales page that showcases all of the benefits of your products and encourages people to buy straight away.

3) Profitable Promotion

And my support doesn’t stop when you’ve created your profitable product. I will actually show you how to make sales straight away using free organic marketing methods.

I help you find your first group of students in just days, and start receiving testimonials from people who are blown away by the results they are getting from your product, so much so that they actually help you find more customers.

And as this is a complete solution, I even show you how to improve your results in the future by making more money from what you’ve already created with a few simple tweaks.

4) Provide Support

Just as my own support doesn’t end the second you buy my product, neither should your support. I show you exactly why you should support your students after they’ve bought your product and how to do it using free tools that will blow them away.

I even share my secrets to blowing my customers away after they’ve bought so they become fans for life and are queuing up to buy the next product that I create.

The Content

The Content Inside Dream Business Product:

1) Purposeful Masterplan

1. 30 Day Digital Product Creation Master Plan To Create Products That Sell
The ultimate blueprint for creating your product and having it ready to launch in just 30 days using a method that suits your personality.

2. High Ticket Vs Low Ticket Digital Products: Which Is More Profitable?

I weigh up the pros and cons of high ticket and low ticket digital products and share my recommendations on what type of product to create first.

3. Binge-Worthy Product Stack
Plan your product stack so customers are begging you for your next product after their current purchase. Set a pricing structure to take the guesswork out of pricing.

4. Total Market Absorption

Discover exactly how to scan the existing marketplace to understand how your products can easily slide their way into the market.

5. Perfect Product Type Picker For Your Personality
How to choose the type of product to create first that is exactly right for your personality, and your audience and takes less than 3 hours to create your entire product.

6. Profitable Product Topic Selector
Discover how to choose a topic that you are passionate about and frame it in such a way that it solves your customer's painful problems and gets them begging you to take their money.

7. Noteworthy Naming
How to name your product so it sticks in your buyer's mind and creates immediate demand.

8. Fame From Frameworks
How to stand out in the crowd and easily sell your product by creating a unique product framework.

9. Bonus Boosters
How to plan perfect bonuses that are guaranteed to boost your sales and dissolve objections.

10. Fill In The Blanks
How to outline the perfect product so it makes creating your product as easy as filling in the blanks.

11. The Student Success Pathway
How to ensure your students are taken on the perfect learning journey so they are wowed by your content, and get tangible results by taking action with this plug and play template and scripts.

12. Perfect Pricing Strategy

The secret to knowing exactly how to price your products to maximize your profits

13. High Converting Sales Page

This plug and play perfect sales page template helps you to write your high converting sales page with ease.

2) Product Creation

14. Professional Images In Minutes
How to create professional product images, front covers, bundles, and marketing images in a matter of minutes without having to hire a designer.

15. Slide Deck Sophistication
How to create a sophisticated slide deck that is on brand, professional, and creates the perfect touch.

16. Video Creation Made Easy

The easy tech solution to create your video lessons in a flash.

17. 5 Minute Workbook Creation
How to create a professional workbook to help your students to take action in less than 5 minutes.

18. 1 Minute Checklist Creation
How to create a professional checklist to help your students stay on track in less than 1 minute.

19. Easy Bonus Creation
How to easily and quickly create professional looking bonuses.

20. Product Hosting With Ease
The best tech solution for hosting info products that will save you time and wow your students, and host your first product for free.

21. Perfect Sales Page Creation
How to easily create your professional sales page for free

3) Profitable Promotion

22. Proven Product Results
How to take a group of beta testers through your product so you can boost your confidence, create the perfect product, and increase sales with testimonials.

23. Sell Without Spending
How to make constant sales organically without spending any money

24. Taste Testing For The Win
How to get people using and loving your product so they have no choice but to become a buyer.

25. Content That Converts
How to plan your free content so it leads people directly towards buying your paid products.

26. Raving Fans Revenue
How to make additional revenue with word of mouth by your raving fans.

27. Getting More From What You've Got
How to make more money from what you've already created with just a few tweaks.

4) Provide Support

28. Transformational Testimonials On Autopilot
How to acquire persuasive testimonials on autopilot using this system.

29. Support Group With A Twist
The best way to set up a support group that engages your customers and doesn't distract them with social media.

30. Creating Raving Fans For Life
My secret hacks for creating raving fans for life who continue to buy from you over and over again.

What You Get


30 Dream Business Product Training Videos
(VALUED AT $1997)

Over 20 hours of content in total. Binge-watch these videos Netflix style, then go back and watch them one more time to do the powerful life-changing exercises.

30 Dream Business Product MP3 Audios
(VALUED AT $497)

Download the audio version of the videos onto your phone and listen to them on the move.

30 Dream Business Product Slides

Download the slides with all of the details you need so you can refer to the information on the videos at a later date. 

Dream Business Product Course Checklist

This checklist helps you increase dopamine in your brain by achieving the exercises in this course.

Dream Business Product Workbook

This workbook helps you work through the transformative exercises in this course. The magic happens when you do the work and tap into your own belief system and transform it.

And that's not all. You also get these fantastic bonuses...

The Bonuses

All of these bonuses are products in their own right. I have and still do sell them individually. They are not fluff to bulk up the course. They are actual products that will get you transformative results if you give them the focus they require. I am very proud of every single one of these products and have received glowing testimonials for all of them. Each of these products that I’m giving away as bonuses also comes with it’s own unique set of bonuses. There are too many to list here, but just know that you are going to be overjoyed when you see how much extra value I’ve given you in this course above and beyond what you expected.

  • Profitable Products Templates Bundle
    (VALUED AT $497)
Profitable Products Templates Bundle

I am giving you literally every resource that I personally use to create my profitable products fast and effectively. This plug and play system takes all of the guesswork out of creating a product and makes it super easy and fun.

All of my Dream Business Product Templates, Scripts, Swipe Files, Slideshows, Spreadsheets, Documents, calculators, cheatsheets, image templates, including full tech video walkthroughs.

  • Group Coaching (VALUED AT UP TO $997)
Dream Business Product Group Coaching

I will provide you with full support by answering any questions you have while you are going through this course. For any in-depth questions, I will create a personalised video response for you.  I am also doing live Q&A calls once a month to answer all of your questions.

  • Dream Business Product Course Checklist
    (VALUED AT $27)

This checklist helps you increase dopamine in your brain by achieving the exercises in this course.

Dream Business Product Course Checklist - IPAD
  • Dream Business Product Course Workbook
    (VALUED AT $97)

This workbook helps you work through the transformative exercises in this course.

Dream Business Product Workbook - IPAD
  • 100K Product Creation Masterclass
    (VALUED AT $77)
100K Product Creation Masterclass - MAC

How to make 6-Figures with low ticket products

  • Access To Our Members Only Community And App
    (VALUED AT $97)
STAMPERS Unite Members Group Ipad

This group is only for my customers, so I am here to support you and answer any questions you may have. I encourage you to share your progress in the group as you go along. The best thing is, my members group comes with it’s own app, so you’re not going to get distracted by wasting time on social media as you get the help you need from me, and the other friendly members of the community.

  • VIP Coupon code for 30% off your next purchase with me
    (VALUED AT UP TO $1080)
Dream Business Customer Coupon

To say thank you for your purchase, get 30% off any of my other products which include courses on business planning, marketing, product creation, sales, systems, coaching, and personalized reviews.

In addition to all of these standard bonuses, you are also going to get access to my Business Manifestation Bundle for a limited time only which includes 6 full programs of mine:

Business Manifestation Bundle (2)

Manifest Your Dream Launch

Manifest Your Dream Launch

How to manifest your dream launch in 30 days with ease and confidence without overwork, stress, or burnout.

You don’t have to worry about how to sell your product or get the results you desire because I’m giving you the complete system for manifesting the launch of your dreams with ease and confidence in 30 days.

Manifest Your Dream Launch is a standalone product that helps you launch your product and hit your goals. I’m giving you this product totally free as a bonus to help you make sales from the Magnetic Movement that you’ve created.

Manifest Your Dream Launch helps you to: 

  • Sell offers that you are in complete alignment with

  • Figure out how to sell what you love AND what your ideal clients will find irresistible

  • Craft a sales message that is natural, uses storytelling principles, doesn’t feel salesy but forms an instant connection with your audience

  • Decide on the perfect price point that is exactly right for you and will also sell well

  • Help people get off the fence and make a decision one way or another about whether to buy your product 

  • Discover the main reason why people buy products - and it’s not really anything to do with your product at all

  • Set launch goals that you can believe are possible and increase your trust muscle as you go along

  • Make launches fun and easy so you actually look forward to doing them

  • Manifest the perfect launch by creating your results in your mind first

  • Create customers by calling them into existence using manifestation techniques

Business Manifestation Toolkit

Business Manifestation Toolkit

How To Set Up Success Rituals For Business Manifestation That Aren't Overwhelming Or Time Consuming

  • 36 Business Manifestation Tools to manifest business success

  • 28 Business Manifestation Toolkit Training Videos and audios to walk you through the all of the tools

  • All Of The Tools You Need For Manifesting Business Success That Easily Slot Into Your Morning, Evening, And Monthly Routines, and Working Day

This Easy-To-Use Toolkit Includes All Of The Tools, Techniques, And Routines That I Use To Consistently Manifest Success In My Business.

Millionaire Mindset Takeover

Millionaire Mindset Takeover

How To Go From Feeling Unworthy To A Millionaire Mindset Even If You Are Earning Nothing Right Now

  • 10 Lesson Video Mini-Course to Help You Adopt Millionaire Thoughts, Habits, And Achievement.

  • Includes Audios and Affirmations to reprogram your brain, checklist, workbook and cheat sheets to keep you on track.

How To Acquire The Mindset Of A Multi-Millionaire. Complete Training On Reprogramming Your Brain To Think, Act And Receive Money Like A Millionaire.

Brilliant Business Brain STAMPs

Brilliant Business Brain Stamps

How To Develop The Mindset Of A 7-Figure Entrepreneur Even If You Have No Time, Money, Customers, Or Confidence

  • 10 guided "I am" affirmations to help you develop the mindset of a 7-figure entrepreneur even if you have no time, money, customers, or confidence.

  • Includes 5 morning audio tracks, 5 evening audio tracks, 10 scripts, 10 music only tracks

Automatically Become The Successful Business Owner You Always Wanted To Be In Just 2 Minutes A Day

Time Expander

Time Expander

How To Become Time Rich By Manipulating Your Perception Of Time. Gain All The Time In The World To Achieve Your Goals

  • 80 minute Video training to help you expand time

  • Includes Audios and Affirmations to re-program your brain, checklist, workbook and cheat sheets to keep you on track.

The solution to working less and earning more is found by adopting new beliefs when it comes to how you perceive time.

Would you like to go through your day feeling totally relaxed, knowing that you will always have enough time for everything that matters to you?

Do you have a desire to have a completely balanced life where you get to have fun, spend quality time with your loved ones, AND have a thriving business?

STAMP Goals Book

STAMP Book Bonuses 5

Put your STAMP on the world in 30 days and finally achieve your goals.

Did you know that goal achievement is inevitable for you, even if you’ve never made any progress towards your goals before?

I’m also giving you a copy of my book STAMP Goals which is more like a course. There is no fluff in this book, just pure actionable steps to make sure you hit your goals.

  • STAMP Goals will help you find your purpose and make it crystal clear in your mind, so you’re sure of exactly what you want to achieve…

  • STAMP Goals will show you a new way to set goals, one that will guarantee you will put your STAMP on the world…

  • STAMP Goals will help you to live your purpose every day, finally achieve your goals and make your dreams a reality…

This 30-day action plan will help both existing entrepreneurs, and those who are yet to start a business.

This is goal achievement like you've never seen before.

This book also comes with a massive bonus bundle of goodies.


My Business Manifestation Bundle is only available until the end of this launch.  After that this bundle is going away.

In total, here’s what you’re getting inside Dream Business Product

You will get access to:

  • 30 Dream Business Product Training Videos, over 20 hours of content (VALUED AT $1997)
  • 30 Dream Business Product Training MP3 Audios (VALUED AT $597)
  • 30 Dream Business Product Slides (VALUED AT $57)
  • Dream Business Product Course Checklist (VALUED AT $37)
  • Dream Business Product Workbook (VALUED AT $97)


  • Profitable Products Templates Bundle: Dream Business Product Templates, Scripts, Swipe Files, Spreadsheets, and Documents (VALUED AT $497)
  • Access To Our Members Only Community And App (VALUED AT $97) 
  • VIP Coupon code for 30% off your next purchase with me (VALUED AT UP TO $1080)
  • Dream Business Group Coaching (VALUED AT $997)
  • 100K Product Creation Masterclass (VALUED AT $77)


  • Manifest Your Dream Launch - Value $497
  • STAMP Goals Book - Value $12.99
  • Time Expander Training - Value $97
  • Brilliant Business Brain STAMPs Audio Package - Value $97
  • Business Manifestation Toolkit - Value $497
  • Millionaire Mindset Takeover - Value $197

The Total value contained in this course is: $6930.

I could have easily charged more for this course, and I am regularly putting up my prices.

The price you see today is available for a limited time only. 

You get access to all of this on a lifetime basis for a super low price of just $297

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The total value of this entire course is $6930

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If you want to create your 6-figure digital product in 30 days, even if you don't have an audience, an idea, a team, and are terrified of tech, using my proven 4 Step "Fill In The Blanks" Profitable Info Product Process now is the time to get started.

When I do business on my terms I...

Imagine waking up to a brand new day excited to get to work because you’re confident in yourself, you know exactly what you’re selling, where you’re going, you’re helping customers get exactly what they want, and you are being highly compensated for it. 

There is no better way to live your life than to run your business on your terms, get the results you want, and still have time to enjoy a balanced life. 

How To Use The Dream Business Product Course

Watch the first video that breaks down the structure to follow to get your product created, promoted and get your first batch of students going through your course within the next 30 days.

I suggest allocating approximately 1 hour per day to going through this course and implementing the exercises. If you are struggling to find just 1 hour a day to create the product that your business desperately needs, perhaps you aren’t quite ready to be running a business right now. Although you can create passive income in the future, an investment of time is needed to start with. All businesses need an investment of either time and money.

You can invest the money into this course and save time and money while you are creating your product and start making money a lot faster.

Or you can try and follow my framework yourself which will take you a lot longer, you won’t save money on finding free tech solutions, and it will take you a lot longer to finish your product and get it to the marketplace. By that time you could have been making sales. Time is money. Save your time now and make money faster.

What does your business need you to do right now?

If you see this course as an investment in your future, you can forgo some social media scrolling or Netflix to make time to go through this course and take the action.

Only once you’ve finished the course would I suggest you start looking at the bonuses. This course is the foundation for everything you do in business from now on, so making it a priority is very important.

How To Trust Yourself To Do What You Need To Do

Are you someone who tends to procrastinate on finishing what you have started?

Here’s a tip from me that will help you to improve that.

You need to build up your levels of trust in yourself so you trust that you will show up and do what needs to be done.

Start by choosing one small step towards building your dream business. Make it a very easy 5 minute task.

When you’ve been doing that every day for a week, look back and feel proud of yourself because you are growing, achieving things and your results will compound.

This is how you take baby steps towards being a successful consistent entrepreneur even if you don’t currently trust yourself at all. 

Kath Kyle

Who am I and How I can help you

Kath Kyle

Kath Kyle BW Dress On Step

My name is Kath and I have been creating successful online businesses for 10 years and loving every minute of it.

My vision is to help entrepreneurs believe in themselves, and understand that their belief in themselves is the key to all business success and literally manifests the results they want.

I am a mother of 2 young kids so I know what it’s like to build a successful business around the demands of family life.

I am a reformed hustler. I now work around 30 hours a week or less. I have set my businesses up in such a way that people find me and buy my products while I’m sleeping. It doesn’t get any better than this.

I am so grateful that I have the life that I once could only have dreamed of. I live with my husband and kids in my dream beach house on the coast overlooking the water. We also live close to my extended family, which is something I never used to think could be a reality.

I wake up every morning excited to do work that I absolutely adore, helping entrepreneurs to build thriving businesses, and I would love to help you in the same way.

Who Dream Business Product Is For

Dream Business Product is perfectly designed for:

  • Consultants who would love to create a package to walk their clients through
  • Coaches who would love to transition towards offering automated programs in replacement of or alongside their 1-1 coaching sessions
  • Content creators who would love to get paid for the content they create
  • Authors who would like to supplement their earnings from books by creating additional resources, or who would prefer to get paid more highly by offering digital products that command a higher price point
  • Teachers who would love to reach more people and make more money with their teaching
  • Speakers who would love to create video courses to share online and maximize the number of people they can reach without having to travel
  • Spiritually-minded online entrepreneurs who are open minded to doing things in an ethical and non-sleazy way
  • Creators who have ideas for turning their dreams into digital products and getting rewarded for it
  • Bloggers who would love to start making money from their blogs
  • YouTubers who are ready to start being rewarded for their information
  • Podcasters who are ready to start sponsoring their own podcasts with a lucrative personal ad for their own product
  • Influencers who are ready to sell their own products and make a lot more money than selling other people’s products
  • Freelancers who are ready to turn their services into an automated product and stop trading their time for money
  • Agency owners who need to educate their clients and are tired or repeating themselves over and over again
  • Physical Product Sellers/ Amazon /Ebay / Drop Shipping business owners who sell physical products who can either make their physical products stand out by combining them with digital products, or want to transition away from the hassle of selling physical products
  • If you think that digital information products might be the next step for your business, this program is for you
woman working in home office
Smiling young woman drawing and recording video for her blog, teaching online, enjoying her hobby
Online shop website developer working with a laptop, office desk background.

Who Dream Business Product Is NOT For

Dream Business Product is not suitable for those who are:

  • Content for things to remain the same
  • Too scared to make changes
  • Not willing to think outside the box
  • Too busy to go through this course (this course will help you with that)
  • Anybody who doesn't want an online business, or digital products


I don’t have an idea for a product yet. Will this help me?

Yes. Even if you have no clue what kind of product to create, I am going to have your brain bursting with ideas by the time you are finished.

I don’t have an audience. Will this still work for me?

Yes, I specifically designed this program with you in mind. Usually people who don’t have products don’t have audiences, so this product is exactly tailored to you and will help you create an audience to sell your product to.

There are so many courses out there that have already covered my idea. How can I be unique?

Once you’ve gone through this course you’ll know exactly what you need to do to stand out. And when you look at other people’s sales pages you’ll immediately see whether it’s going to work or not work. You’ll be able to see that because most people are not using my secret formula, they aren’t getting any results. I also don’t believe in competition and soon you’ll see why.

Will I get any extra support as part of this program?

Yes. Not only will you get access to my members only group which includes it’s own app, you’ll be able to request an accountability partner, and you’ll also get all of your questions answered by me through group coaching either by text or video or live video responses. 

What makes your program better than all of the others out there?

I am teaching exactly what has worked for me and my students. I’ve been in business for 10 years and gone through all of the major trainings out there and put them all to the test. Through the years I’ve seen what’s worked and what hasn’t and I’ve created my own unique system from what’s been proven to work.

How is this worth the investment?

Without anything to sell you are simply not in business. So the fact that you’ll have your first profitable product to sell at the end of this program means that you are actually in business. If you got started with any other type of business other than this it would cost you a major investment of both time and money. Thankfully I’m sharing my years of investment of both time and money to let you have my system for a fraction of what I’ve paid.

You’ll be able to make your investment back very quickly and from that point onwards everything you make will be pure profit. 

Will this work for my niche/topic?

If your niche falls under the broad topics of health, wealth, or relationships then this will definitely work for you. If you can find any other info products or books on Amazon in your niche then you are on the right track.

Will I be able to get this course at this price again?

Once the timer hits zero the course is going away and next time I launch it, it will be at a higher price point.

Do I need to become certified before I start teaching online?

This is one of the things that holds most people back from making money online, they feel like they have to get qualified before they can start teaching other people. If you are part of a body of experts that requires you to get certified, then yes by all means, stay within the rules, but otherwise there is no need to wait. What I’ve noticed is that taking courses and getting certified can often be a form of procrastination because people don’t feel like they are expert enough. This is a limiting belief that you need to overcome, and you only have to look at most people teaching online to know that you don’t have to have any qualifications. All you need to be able to do is have either previously got some kinds of results for yourself or for someone else, and you just need to be able to teach that system again in your product. The results can be small, in fact I encourage you to start off small, so there is no reason to wait before starting your business.

Once I buy this course will there be anything else I need to buy to get results?

No. Everything I teach in this course is free. I don’t offer any upsells after this course. You won’t be required to buy anything else at all.

As soon as you move on to creating your second product, at that point you will need to make a small investment in your product hosting, but at that point you’ll be making money from your first course.

As you make more money in your business, naturally there will be more tools and resources you will want to invest in to grow your business to the next level. But before you start making money, I don’t believe that it’s a great idea to invest in monthly online tools, so that’s why I keep everything free to start with.

What Happens After You Buy?

You will be taken to a thank you page that has a link to my membership portal within the Thinkific platform. Thinkific will also send you out an email automatically straight away with your login details so you can access the product at a later date.

If you have any questions, please let me know by emailing [email protected] and we will get back to you within 1 business day..

Dream Business Blueprint

Get Immediate Access To:

This is an online course that you work through at your own pace. All of the lessons and bonuses have already been created for you. You get unlimited replays and lifetime updates to this course. You will receive immediate access to the entire Dream Business Product course upon enrolling including the workbook and checklist. You will get access to all of the other bonuses on the 16th day after you enroll. The reason I do this is because I want you to use the course first, and not the bonuses, and the course will work best if you do it in the specified order as it all builds on each other.


I can’t guarantee specific results but I can tell you that people are raving about this course. As I’m so confident that you are going to love this course and get fantastic results I am giving you a money back guarantee. If you feel that this course isn’t right for you, please email me at [email protected] within 14 days for a full refund.

P.S. Dream Business Product helps you create your 6-figure digital product in 30 days, even if you don't have an audience, an idea, a team, and are terrified of tech, using my proven 4 Step "Fill In The Blanks" Profitable Info Product Process.

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