If there was a way to do business on your terms, jump quickly to the next level of revenue, choose the exact hours you work, work with dream clients and customers, build up your following without ever having to ask “How?”, and easily manifest the business of your dreams would you take it?

Business Manifestation Club

It might sound too good to be true, but this is the reality of the REAL world that we live in.

The problem is that most people are not aware that our reality is literally a projection of the beliefs that we hold.

So many more people are waking up to the truth now, which is why you are seeing an explosion of manifestation information out there.

The problem is that there is so much confusing and contradictory information out there. The result is that people are so overwhelmed that they are giving up on manifestation and feeling like a failure because they can’t make manifestation work for them.

It’s my mission to change all of that.

I am here to make manifestation simple, because it is.

When you master how to truly manifest, your life will never be the same again.

As long as you don’t forget the truth about who you are, you will never struggle to manifest what you want.

Once you really get that the whole world is a reflection of your beliefs, you’ll see how exciting everything becomes.

Reality is just a game.

Your business is your game.

You own the game.

You write the rules for the game.

You decide if you are successful in the game.  

There is nothing that can’t happen in your game.

As long as you don’t forget that you wrote the rulebook.

When you were a child, you were told what the rules of the game were.

You were given a set of beliefs which you adopted as your own beliefs.

And thankfully you’ve now woken up to the fact that you have the power to change your beliefs.

Your only job is to change your beliefs.

Nothing else matters.

Once you change your beliefs, write your new rulebook, live by your own new rules, you’ll get the proof you needed that your reality is shaped by your beliefs.

It’s easier and quicker than you think to change your beliefs.

Some beliefs can be changed with just one thought.

Other beliefs need a little more effort to change.

And that’s what I’m here for.

I’m here to help you remember who you really are, and the power you really have.

I’m here to help you change your beliefs to help you manifest your desires.

I’m here to show you how quick and easy it can be to create the business of your dreams from your beliefs alone.

I’m here to keep you accountable to the truth. It’s so easy to fall back to your old belief system when all of your friends and family live by the old paradigms.

But we know the truth, and we need to remind ourselves and each other of that every day. That’s why we need community.

Join the community of business owners who are all creating their dream businesses from their thoughts, and you’ll feel like you’ve come home. 

Beautiful businesswoman standing and giving presentation in front of the audience in auditorium

Portrait of happy woman with digital tablet in home office

When you create your business from your belief system you’ll be able to look forward to having everything you’ve ever desired for your business, which can include the following…

  • Having a large audience that is GROWING EXPONENTIALLY by the second

  • Having a massively ENGAGED tribe of people who hang on your every word

  • Having content filled with passionate comments about how it has TRANSFORMED LIVES

  • Getting CONSTANT SALES all the way through the day and the night on autopilot

  • Easily creating THE BEST PRODUCTS on the market

  • Being FULLY SUPPORTED with your business, being able to go on vacation whenever you choose knowing your business will be just fine

  • DOING WORK THAT FEELS LIKE A HOBBY and making the world a better place

When you operate your business from the standpoint of it getting to be exactly as you want, you’ll be on a whole new playing field from anything you’ve ever known. 

You might not be a stranger to the world of manifestation, so I’m assuming you’ve come across a lot of principles out there that have stressed you out and kept you stuck. 

I’m going to clear up some of these myths right now and share some truths with you that will help you create the life and business of your dreams. 

10 Critical Mindset Shifts You Get To Make Right Now To Liberate Yourself From Feeling Stuck With Your Manifestations

#1 You Can Manifest And Be Successful From Any Mood. You Do Not Need To Match A Frequency Or Vibration To Manifest

Despite what you’ve been told about needing to be feeling positive vibes to be able to manifest, this simply isn’t true. We were given a whole range of emotions for a reason and we are supposed to use them.

Our emotions actually have absolutely nothing to do with our ability to manifest. We can feel sad, and the next minute, we’ve had some good news. Have you ever been surprised to get good news after feeling a so-called negative emotion? It has happened to me more times than I can remember.

Another myth I need to clear up is that we don’t need to vibrate at a high vibration to be able to manifest what we want.

Yes it’s true that all of our thoughts carry certain frequencies, but it’s not true that we have to raise our frequency or vibrate “higher” to manifest.

Positive thoughts don’t actually vibrate at a higher frequency than negative thoughts, and when it comes to vibrations, more is not better. This kind of talk about raising vibrational frequency to be able to manifest just causes confusion and makes people feel like they are doing something wrong.

The only thing that creates particular manifestations is your own belief system. That’s it. It’s actually nothing to do with frequency.

Yes our brain waves are operating at different frequencies, but you can actually manifest no matter whether you are feeling relaxed, sleepy, or energetic. Our whole life is a manifestation.

We didn't get programmed in one particular brain wave state. We were told things or shown things that we believed, and our reality unfolds accordingly. Changing your beliefs is the only way to change your reality. 

#2 You Don’t Have To Go Looking For Your Audience. They Will Find You

The best thing about creating your own reality is that you don’t have to worry about how anything will happen. If you create a belief that you have a big audience, you don’t need to worry about how it will happen. It just will.

When you start talking about big numbers, big audiences, and big revenue, you have to drop the “how” and trust that it will happen in whatever way it’s supposed to happen.

If you desire to have a big audience, you aren’t able to go looking for your audience yourself. You have to trust that your audience will find you. You don’t need to worry about attracting your audience to you. You simply step into the reality where you’ve already got a big audience. This is called quantum leaping.

#3 It’s Not Your Fault You Don’t Have The Results You Want. It’s Your Belief System That Creates Your Results. Our Belief System Was Given To Us Before We Knew Better. But We Do Have The Power To Change It Now.

I hear a lot of teachers telling us that we are to blame for our reality. This is very disempowering. Instead I find it much better to look at the facts and stick with encouragement. The facts are that none of us entered this world with the knowledge of manifestation. Even if you had parents who taught you from birth about manifestation, they still will have imprinted their belief system on you. You didn’t choose your belief system. You were given it.

It is only when we wake up and realise the truth that we can choose our belief system that we have the power to change anything. Most people go through their whole lives without this knowledge. So we are the lucky ones, and we get to experience a dramatic shift in our realities as a result.

#4 The Only Thing That Gets Results Is Your Belief System. You Don’t Have To Use Any Specific Technique To Change Your Belief System. It Can Be As Easy As Just Changing Your Mind.

One of the things that causes most people to give up trying to manifest anything at all is confusion and overwhelm. The reason that most people are confused is because there are so many different manifestation techniques out there, and therefore it’s too easy to give up on one technique and give their power away to the next technique they come across.

The truth is that it’s not the techniques that manifest. It is your belief system.

The techniques can be good to give you tools to help you change your belief system. So it can be a good idea to experiment with a few different techniques until you decide what you love the best. But when you find something you feel comfortable with using, stick with it until you see results.

I teach a few different techniques to help you to find something that works better for you, but just know that it’s not the technique that brings the results. It’s only ever a change in your belief system.

Don’t ever give your power away to a technique.

It’s never that the technique didn’t work. It’s only ever that you haven’t managed to change your belief system enough just yet. But don’t worry, it will happen for you if you don’t give up.

Some of the simple techniques I like to use to help me change my belief system are to use imagination to create a new experience and memory  (visualisation, audiation, kinaesthetic & tactile imagery), Choosing the details of my new belief system by writing it down (scripting), affirming my new belief system to remind myself of it (brain stamps), and using techniques to help me commit my new belief systems into my long term memory (Manifestation Memory Mansion). I like to keep things simple, as when things get too complicated, things get overwhelming and people give up. That’s why I like my routines and rituals that I do every day that keep my faith in my manifestations. 

#5 You Make Up The Rules To Your Own Business. You Get To Be Successful And Do Things Your Own Way.

Did you start a business so you could have freedom and be your own boss? These are some of the main benefits of having your own business.

But unfortunately, most business owners carry on with an employee mindset. They are waiting for an authority to tell them what to do, how hard they have to work, and who they need to be.

It’s time to be the boss, and bosses set their own rules.

The beauty of having your own business is that you get to decide. You make up the rules. There are millions of different ways to create a successful business. You get to mix and match from all of the different strategies that are already out there, or you get to make up your own unique strategy that you’ve never seen anyone else do.

Don’t ever let someone tell you that you can’t be successful unless you follow their strategy. It’s not true.

It is important to decide on your strategy, on your own rules. Because if you don’t decide how things are going to look like for you, you’ll get swept up by someone else’s idea of how things need to look for you.

An empty space in your mind will either be filled by someone else’s rules, or your own rules, so it’s far better to lay down your own rules for your own business.

That doesn’t mean you can’t model parts of your business on someone else’s, but don't’ feel like you have to follow what someone else does 100% or you are going to fail. It doesn’t work like that.

You get to be successful because you’ve decided you are successful, not because you have to follow a particular strategy to the letter.

Decide right now that you get to make your own rules and be successful. Then decide what those rules are going to be.

Be the writer of your own rulebook.

#6 You Manifest What You Want By Being The Person Who Has Results. Decide To Do Work That You Enjoy Then You Don’t Need To Wait For Alignment.

There is a lot of confusion in the spiritual world about taking action and when to take action, and I think it doesn’t need to be difficult.

A lot of people say that you should ONLY take action when you feel 100% in alignment. That kind of statement creates confusion as it doesn’t really mean anything. It can be interpreted in different ways by different people.

Here’s my viewpoint about taking action and when to take it.

I believe that you should take action that you feel compelled to take. I call this Inevitable Action.

I think it’s a sensible idea to build a business around work that you enjoy doing.

If most of the work that you do on a regular basis is work that you enjoy doing, then you’ll naturally want to do it regularly. You won’t have to wonder if you should work on your business every day as you’ll want to work on your business regularly because you’ll feel fulfilled when you do it.

If you are putting off taking action on ideas that keep coming up time and time again, it’s good to ask yourself what’s the real reason you are putting that off? Is it because you have fear around taking action?

Getting your belief system in the right place is essential before you get results.

Whatever you believe will manifest in your actions.

If you believe you never have the time for your business, that’s what will happen.

If you believe that you are going to get haters when you post content, and you won’t be able to handle the haters, you’ll put off posting content.

If you believe that you have to hustle and grind and work every hour to try and get ahead with your business, you’ll burn yourself out and still won't have any success to show for it.

Belief needs to come before success, but I’m not suggesting you put off taking action, because taking action helps you build belief.  They work together hand in hand.  The more you practice at something, the better you’ll become and the better your belief in your success will be as a result.

When you work on your business, you are a business owner, and that will give you more confidence to manifest results as you’re already doing what needs to be done.

But if you put off what needs to be done, you’ll have a hard time believing in your manifestations because you’re not being the kind of person who gets results. 

#7 You Don’t Have To Ignore Your Current Reality Or Pretend It Looks Different To Manifest What You Want. You Don’t Need To Spend Money You Haven’t Manifested Yet.

A lot of people say that you have to ignore your current reality and constantly Act As If you already have what you want.

I have heard of so many people telling people to act as if, and spend money they don’t have by getting into debt.

I don't agree with that at all for most people.

What happens to your mindset as soon as you take on a big debt? Most people get scared and start worrying about it constantly.

Do you feel in a good place to manifest when you’re acting from a place of fear constantly? Not usually.

I’ve been there and it’s so much harder to manifest when you have created a big worry in your life that didn’t need to be there.

Your belief system can believe anything you want. You are in control of it and what you manifest.

Why not manifest success WITHOUT having to spend money you don’t have. Your manifestation can come in the way that you specify it’s going to come. You don’t have to do what people tell you to do.

You get to choose how it is for you. Do you want money to show up first? Choose that. You don’t have to prove anything to the Universe, or anyone else or even to yourself.

If you have certainty that your manifestation will happen, that’s good enough to manifest.  

You are a human being but you are also a spiritual being. The spiritual part of you is beyond time and space.

What you want has already manifested outside of time and space. This is great news, and gives you certainty and peace.

But at the same time, you are also a human who is bound by time and space. And as part of this reality, your manifestation hasn’t yet happened. It could happen today, but in this present moment, it’s not here.

You don’t need to be delusional and pretend it’s here right now in the 3D. Just understand that it is here right in the quantum field, in the spiritual realm. But in the 3D human realm, it’s not here just yet.

This is the paradox of living. What we want is both here and not here at the same time.

Have faith and certainty that it is already here in the quantum field and you can act from a place of confidence knowing it’s also not here yet in the 3D.

Plan your business around the fact that what you desire has already happened AND will happen.

When you are taking action in the physical realm, you don’t need to pretend what you desire is already here, because it’s not. You don’t need to lie to people that what you want is already here. You can be OK with that, you don’t need to get upset, because it IS coming because it HAS already happened outside of time.

Here’s a mantra to help you get to grips with this level of thinking.

“It’s OK, it’s on it’s way. Outside of time, it’s already mine.”

#8 If Your Belief System Isn’t In The Right Place, Your Intuition Can’t Be Trusted. Fix Your Belief System And Your Intuition Will Lead You To Success.

I hear a lot of people saying all you need to do to be successful is to trust your intuition and that’s not strictly true.

Your intuition can actually lead you down a path towards something you don’t desire.

Here’s the thing, intuition can come from 2 places, it can come from your subconscious mind, or it can come from your superconscious mind.

Your superconscious mind is the infinite intelligence, and this is where you get new ideas that you’ve never had before. These new ideas help the collective good, and they help the human race to progress. We all have our own unique personalities, life purposes, and unique skills and these are given to us to help expand the human race. You get ideas pop into your head that will help the world as a whole. That’s generally how you can tell that an idea comes from the superconscious mind.

However, all of our other thoughts come directly from the subconscious mind, and the subconscious mind is shaped entirely by our belief system. If you believe that you have to hustle and grind to get results in your business, then your intuition will lead you to a place of overwork.

If you believe that your products have to be sold cheaply, then your intuition will lead you to pricing your products cheaply. You’ll feel drawn to charging what you charge, you’ll feel led to it, called to it, and you won’t be able to help yourself. Even if someone convinces you to price your products at a higher price point, you won’t sell any because you believe that your prices will only sell at a lower price point, so your intuition will lead you back there.

I’m not saying you should always price your products high, I’m saying be aware of your belief system before you make decisions. Your beliefs are determining what you feel led to doing.

#9 You Get To Skip Levels And Build Your Dream Business As Fast As You Want. Quantum Leaps Are Available To Everyone Who Believes.

A lot of people believe that you have to build a business gradually, starting by giving away your products for free, charging a small amount of money first, gradually raising your prices and reaching more people as you go. The longer you’ve been in business, the more people buy your products, and the higher prices you can charge, and the more money you make.

Therefore most people believe that you have to incrementally grow your business and you move slowly from one level to another.

And although I believe that it makes sense to offer products for free and raise your prices from there because it builds your confidence from zero confidence, to much higher levels of confidence in your own products and results you can get for people.

However, I also believe in quantum leaps, where you don’t have to incrementally increase slowly to each new level.

I believe that once you have enough confidence that you have a good product and are mentally ready for massive expansion, you can leap as quickly as you like.

I believe (and I have experienced and witnessed) that you can leap to 6 or 7 figures in your first year of business. Anything you can believe, can become a reality for you. The point is, you have to believe that it is possible for someone like you to achieve what you want to achieve.

#10 You Do Not Have To Feel Emotional To Manifest Anything. You Just Have To Create A Memory That It’s Already Happened.

A lot of people teach that the only way to manifest what you want is to attach an emotion to your manifestation.

For example, a lot of people say that you can only manifest if you feel an immense feeling of gratitude for the thing you want to manifest when you’re thinking about it.

And although feeling gratitude while you’re imagining what you want can help, it is not essential by any means.

You can manifest without feeling any emotion whatsoever.

You’ve been doing it your whole life. Your reality is one big manifestation based on your beliefs.

What is essential for manifestation, is to SENSE it.

SENSE is an ability to understand, recognize, value, or react to something, using any of the five physical abilities to see, hear, smell, taste, and touch.

Emotion is what you COULD feel as a result of taking in information through the 5 senses but most of the time you don’t feel emotional when you sense something.

To create a belief system, you don’t HAVE to feel emotion. You just have to SENSE SOMETHING.

You have manifested everything in your life so far without attaching emotions to everything.

A lot of things in your reality are just the way they are because you SAW that they were that way, or you HEARD someone telling you they happened to be that way, or you ACTED in a certain way and got certain results.

For most of the beliefs that you adopted, you did not need to feel emotional to believe it. You just trusted that it was the case.

For example, have you ever believed that to earn a lot of money you have to get a job and work very hard?

You probably adopted that belief after being told that as a child.

You didn’t need to feel gratitude to adopt this belief, or most of the beliefs in your life.

You saw something, heard something, or acted in a certain way that gave you particular understanding and built a memory in your brain that this is the way things work.

To manifest something new into your reality, you need to create a new memory of the thing you want to manifest, and that will help you form a new belief which will create this in your reality.

Silhouette of a female rock climber with outstretched arms
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Who Am I And Why I Am Sharing All This…

How I Manifested My Dream Home

My name is Kath Kyle and I live with my husband, and two young children in our dream beach home on the waterfront in Wales UK. I love nothing more than having fun in nature, on the beach, hiking or camping with my family and friends.

How I Manifested My Dream Home

I am a green smoothie loving spiritual entrepreneur who gets equally excited about strategic and spiritual ways of growing businesses.

I help soul-led entrepreneurs expand their businesses exponentially and to reach as many people as they can with their life-changing messages.

Kath Kyle working on her treadmill desk

The method I use in my businesses, which is focused on helping as many people get results as I can has helped me reach millions of people and generate multiple 6-figures in sales all resulting from low priced digital products.

I started my first online business after becoming a full time mum and giving up my job as a teacher.

I struggled to get any traction at all at first despite doing all the “right” things to grow my audience.

After I discovered how to apply manifestation principles to my business, my website attracted over 2 million page views in my first year of business.

To date this business has had over 28 million page views, and I have transformed the lives of a massive number of people.

Dream Business Movement - GOOGLE ANALYTICS

I love to combine manifestation principles with implementing the strategy that I enjoy in my business to get results that I want.

Now I’m helping others to get the same results. Would you like to be next?

What People Are Saying...

Mel Manifested 5 Extra Sales After Completing The First Lesson

"I wrote down a manifestation for 5 extra sales between Monday- Friday after I had launched a collection the previous week.

Typically, sales slow down after a launch like this, but I focused and spoke out loud my desires..

and I received the 5 extra sales within 3 days following. 

I'm excited to see what is to come as I continue through."

Mel Klein

statement jewelry // bymelklein.com

Mel Testimonial  Dream Business Blueprint Results

Rina Manifested $500 In Just 3 Days Easily & Effortlessly

I've listened to each of the brain stamps morning or evening, sometimes both morning and evening, since last Wednesday.


I've listened to many subliminals and affirmations via Youtube with some success. I had to stop because all of them contained frequencies and/or binaural beats which caused headaches for me. I was truly disappointed and frustrated as I really believe in this type of reprogramming. 


I was super excited to find Brilliant Business Brain STAMPs. I am pleased to report that thus far I have received $500 in the past three days, easily and effortlessly. 


Since 1999 I have worked with thousands of authors and publishers in various capacities, but when COVID hit, I put services on hold and furloughed our team members. I truly love books and authors and so this was a sad time for me. I figured I would take all of 2020 off as a sabbatical since I've been doing this for 20 years with just minimal vacation times. I wanted to figure out next steps, whether to pivot or revisit other dreams and goals.


After listening to the brain stamps, I felt an urge all of sudden to reach out to clients I have worked with over the years and offered them a very reasonably priced offer. So far, 5 have signed up and I anticipate more to come. The brain stamps really helped me out of a slump. 


I am truly grateful I was able to get the brain stamps. I am excited to see what the next week will bring.


After Just A Week Joe Can Already Feel The Changes

I'm loving the Customer's Come Constantly audio. It's so inspiring and brings me to believe more in myself each time I listen to it. I've been listening to it twice a day for a week and I plan to keep doing that for at least 30 days. I can feel things changing already. Thanks so much Kath for this short, powerful, easy to digest piece!


Activate Your Greatness

Business Manifestation Club Testimonial

The Dream Business Manifestation Method

My whole ethos when it comes to building businesses is that it’s your business and YOU get to decide how you run it.

I teach strategy AND manifestation because I enjoy teaching both. But there is no strategy that I teach that is absolutely essential for the growth of your business.

I suggest you only follow my strategies if they seem fun to you, and that’s one of my biggest goals for you is that you enjoy your business.

The one thing that is essential though, is your belief system. Without creating a belief system around your success, no strategy will work for you.

I teach you exactly how to create the right belief system that will lead you to success, and how quick and easy it is to start seeing results.

If you’re ready to join other business manifestors who are creating businesses of their dreams and getting results they didn’t believe they could ever achieve, changing lives everywhere, while getting rewarded extremely well for it… then it’s my pleasure to introduce you to…

The Business Manifestation Club

Business Manifestation Club

A membership complete with a training suite walking you step-by-step through implementing the Business Manifestation Method.

Every month, we focus on a different manifestation topic, and we start a new challenge designed to help you easily change your belief system, manifest your desires, and remember how powerful you are.

The end result is deciding on a business that you KNOW is going to succeed, doing work on your business that you enjoy, easily bringing in the revenue that you desire, and feeling totally fulfilled because you are living the dream. 

Here’s How


Every month in the Business Manifestation Club, we focus on a different Manifestation Theme. As part of this theme, I create courses, workbooks, checklists, any other resources needed, and challenges for us all to go through together.

You don’t need to do the monthly topics in any particular order, so it doesn’t matter when you join the membership, you can jump straight in with this month’s themed challenge.

Once you’ve received this month’s Manifestation Theme, it’s yours to keep forever.

Here is a breakdown of all of the monthly Manifestation Themes you can look forward to as a member of the Business Manifestation Club.

The following monthly themes will start on 1st January 2022. In December 2021 we are going to be focusing on the Daily Success Rituals Schedule and using the Reality Creation Journal, which is the one thing I always do in my manifestation routine as it’s totally changed my life for the better.

You will get immediate access to the Reality Creation Journal, the Daily Success Rituals Schedule when you join the club, and we will work through them together in December 2021.





Manifestation Goals

Manifestation starts by deciding what you want. This is goal setting like you've never seen before. As soon as you start setting goals this way, you'll see them manifesting very quickly.


Spiritual CEO Identity Creation

Manifestation works on a belief hierarchy. You can't manifest your desires if you have an overarching belief that is dominating another belief that you are trying to create. We focus on manifesting new belief systems that always lead to success in other areas.


Manifestation Memory Mansion

You can only manifest what you can remember. We combine powerful memory training techniques with manifestation techniques to make you a manifestation master. When you can remember your manifestations like they actually happened, they have to manifest into reality.


Rewriting History

The truth about manifestation is that it's actually very easy to manifest desires. What delays or stops manifestation is our existing contradictory belief systems. We use a powerful technique to release and rewrite belief systems that are stopping us in our tracks. We are rewriting history and setting ourselves free.


Quantum Creation

The thing that gives you the most power when it comes to manifestation is knowing the truth about who you are and how powerful you are. As soon as you understand the science behind why your desires will actually manifest, you'll understand how your reality actually works. Once you know this unforgettable truth, you'll never see the world in the same way again and will experience quantum leap after quantum leap.


Supernatural Action

Our results don't come from our actions, and not all action is created equal, but as business owners we still have to take action. Understand exactly what action to take, when to take it, and how action is related to manifesting results in business.


Manifestation Journaling

Journaling is a very powerful manifestation technique. We are delving deep into some journaling techniques that will change your life.


Success Reprogramming

Using subliminals in manifestation is a very easy way to change your belief system. We are focusing on reprogramming your subconscious mind automatically with passive manifestation with some very powerful and easy to use tools.


Brain Stamping

Using brain STAMPs is a manifestation technique that helps you to change your reality as you live your everyday life. With the help of Brain STAMPs you can rewire your brain in real time using active manifestation techniques.


Money Manifestation

Money is one of the topics that most people have very strong limiting beliefs around. We are breaking free of disbelief around money, stepping into a new abundant reality, and reframing our beliefs about what it takes to have the money we desire.


Success Looping

Success Looping is a technique for building success upon success. Once you step on to a success loop, you'll see exponential growth in all areas of your life.


Business Rule Book

It's time to throw away your old business rule book, become the boss and create your new rule book. You'll be awakened to the business rules you are subconsciously following without question, toss everything out, and create your own reality the way you decide.

And That’s Not All, You Also Get Immediate Access To All Of These Additional Bonuses As Part Of The Membership

Group Coaching

Inspired Action Vs Action (The Dangers Of Waiting For Inspiration)

You will also get access to group coaching, which means that I will be:

  • Answering your questions thoroughly in the members group
  • Running Q&As as the need arises

Members Only Community And App

STAMPERS Unite Members Group Ipad

This group is only for my customers, so I am here to support you and answer any questions you may have.

I encourage you to share your progress in the group as you go along.

The best thing is, my members group comes with it’s own app, so you’re not going to get distracted by wasting time on social media as you get the help you need from me, and the other friendly members of the community.

In this group you can also find other members and even sort them by how close they live to you, so you can find your local buddies.

I also have an accountability thread where you can hook up with a friend to motivate each other through these challenges. 

Business Manifestors Group Experiences


As a member of the Business Manifestation Club, you will be able to take part in all of our regular group experiences.

Once a month you will have the opportunity to:

  • Share your business Manifestation Milestones and be inspired by other people’s achievements. Seeing what you’ve achieved last month is really motivating for you, as you don’t always notice what you have achieved unless you take the time to notice.
  • Pair up with other business buddies and hook up with Manifestation Partners
  • Submit your questions for our monthly Q & A calls

I also encourage all of our members to share on a daily basis:

Your daily manifestations, evidence of unfolding, or things to be grateful for
Your Brain STAMP that you are currently working on

This bonus alone is worth $997.

In addition to the monthly Manifestation Themes and bonuses, you are also going to get immediate access to some of my other bonuses including:

Reality Creation Journal, Bookmark & Guide

Reality Creation Journal, Bookmark & Guide

The Reality Creation Journal is the main manifestation practice that I do every day. You have everything you need inside this one journal to absolutely change the direction of your business and your entire life forever.

You can complete the Reality Creation Journal online, by printing it out, or by using the Reality Creation Bookmark in your own journal.

I have also created an indepth Reality Creation Journal Guide to walk you through using the journal.

This is where I recommend starting when you first enter the club as this will give you a solid foundation of a lot of the principles that I focus on in the monthly themes and they will totally change your life.

Reality Creation Course

Reality Creation Course (4)

I have also created The Reality Creation Course that walks you through all 10 steps of the Reality Creation Journal in much more detail.  

I have also given you the option to listen to the audio versions of the videos on the move.

Everything that is contained in The Reality Creation Guide is also in this course, so whether you prefer to read or learn by watching videos, the choice is yours. 

In this course you are getting over 2 hours of content across 12 videos

This is where I recommend starting when you first enter the club because if you adopt these habits, they will completely change your reality.

Daily Success Rituals Schedule

Daily Success Rituals Schedule

One of the main reasons people give up on manifestation is because they get overwhelmed with too many different techniques and they don’t know which ones to focus on and which ones are working for them.

That’s the exact reason I created my Daily Success Rituals Schedule.

This is a suggested schedule of manifestation activities depending on how much time you’ve got to dedicate to your practice each day.

I highly recommend at least 10 minutes every day, but you’ll get the most benefit from 30 minutes.

However, you actually DON'T need a manifestation ritual at all to manifest what you desire.  Even if you have NO TIME whatsoever to dedicate to a practice, don't worry, you can still manifest what you want.  In this detailed guide, and video training, I show you exactly how to manifest even if you have no spare time at all. 

I break down what I recommend doing at what point every day and why.

Book List That Will Blow Your Mind

Books That Will Blow Your Mind

Inside the club I've also shared a list of all of the books that I've read that have taken my understanding of manifestation to a whole new level and literally blown my mind. 

I also share the books that I have on my list to read next. 

I would love to know what books have transformed your life.

Make $10,000 a month in revenue

Subconscious Mind Programming Manifestation Audio

Make $10K A Month Audio

If you have a goal to make $10,000 or more a month, this manifestation audio is for you.  

Reprogram your subconscious mind just by pressing play.  

I even give you the script so you can speak along with the recording or create your own manifestation audio track.

This is an affirmations based audio, and it doesn't induce drowsiness.  This means you can listen to this track while you are walking, working out, driving, cooking, cleaning, or relaxing.  There are so many idle-brain moments in the day, it pays (literally) to use each precious moment to focus on creating the reality you desire.

Manifestation Meditation Library 

Subconscious Mind Programming Manifestation Audio Library

Monthly Manifestation Guided Meditation Audios

Every month I create a new Manifestation Meditation audio for you to make it easy to kick back and manifest as you relax.

Reprogram your subconscious mind just by pressing play.  

I even give you the script so you can speak along with the recording or create your own manifestation audio track.

This is an affirmations based audio, and it doesn't induce drowsiness.  This means you can listen to this track while you are walking, working out, driving, cooking, cleaning, or relaxing.  There are so many idle-brain moments in the day, it pays (literally) to use each precious moment to focus on creating the reality you desire.

When you’ve been a member of the Business Manifestation Club for 1 month, you will also unlock access to some of my other products including:

Time Expander

Time Expander

How To Become Time Rich By Manipulating Your Perception Of Time. Gain All The Time In The World To Achieve Your Goals

  • 80 minute Video training to help you expand time
  • Includes Audios and Affirmations to re-program your brain, checklist, workbook and cheat sheets to keep you on track.

The solution to working less and earning more is found by adopting new beliefs when it comes to how you perceive time.

Would you like to go through your day feeling totally relaxed, knowing that you will always have enough time for everything that matters to you?

Do you have a desire to have a completely balanced life where you get to have fun, spend quality time with your loved ones, AND have a thriving business?

Brilliant Business Brain STAMPs

Brilliant Business Brain Stamps

How To Develop The Mindset Of A 7-Figure Entrepreneur Even If You Have No Time, Money, Customers, Or Confidence.  This audio package gives you the powerful recordings that will reprogram your subconscious mind on autopilot.

  • 10 guided "I am" affirmation audio tracks to help you develop the mindset of a 7-figure entrepreneur even if you have no time, money, customers, or confidence.
  • Includes 5 morning audio tracks, 5 evening audio tracks, 10 scripts, 10 music only tracks

Automatically Become The Successful Business Owner You Always Wanted To Be In Just 2 Minutes A Day

Business Manifestation Toolkit

Business Manifestation Toolkit

How To Set Up Success Rituals For Business Manifestation That Aren't Overwhelming Or Time Consuming.

  • 36 Business Manifestation Tools to manifest business success
  • 28 Business Manifestation Toolkit Training Videos and audios to walk you through the all of the tools
  • All Of The Tools You Need For Manifesting Business Success That Easily Slot Into Your Morning, Evening, And Monthly Routines, and Working Day

This Easy-To-Use Toolkit Includes All Of The Tools, Techniques, And Routines That I Use To Consistently Manifest Success In My Business.

In total, here’s what you’re getting inside the Business Manifestation Club

Business Manifestation Club
  1. Monthly Manifestation Themes, courses, workbooks, checklists, and challenges - Value $997
  2. Business Manifestors Success Rituals & Group Experiences - Value $997
  3. Group Coaching - Value $997
  4. Members Only Community And App - Value $97
  5. Reality Creation Journal, Bookmark & Guide - Value $197
  6. Daily Success Rituals Schedule - Value $97 
  7. Subconscious Mind Programming Manifestation Audio Library and one new audio is added every month - Value $197
  8. Time Expander Training - Value $97
  9. Brilliant Business Brain STAMPs Audio Package - Value $97
  10. Business Manifestation Toolkit - Value $497

Total, Value: $4, 272

There are 3 pricing options to choose from to join the Business Manifestation Club



Cancel anytime from your dashboard or by contacting us.

$24 / month

Special Price For Your First 7 Days: $FREE

  • Get full and immediate access to all created Monthly Manifestation Themes, and all standard bonuses. 
  • Get access to all other bonuses when you have been a member for over 1 month.
  • Get your first 7 days for FREE
  • Regular price $97 $24 per month

Top Tier Membership

Get access to ALL of my products including the Business Manifestation Club inside my Dream Business Mastery Membership


$147 / month

Special Price For Your First Month: $37

  • Get full and immediate access to ALL current programs
  • Get full and immediate access to ALL future programs as soon as they are ready (at least one month before release date)
  • Get your first month for just $37 ($147 a month thereafter)
  • 15-day money back guarantee
  • Regular price $247 $147 per month

At the end of this month, prices are rising, and my founding member bonuses are going away. 

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