Kath Kyle
  • I have 4 different categories of products on offer, Memberships, Grab And Go Offers, Signature Programs, & Coaching.
  • All of the Grab & Go offers are also bonuses for my signature courses.  Buy any of my Grab & Go offers and receive a coupon to take the same amount off any of my Signature Programs. 
  • All of the signature "Dream Business" programs are contained inside Dream Business Mastery.  When you purchase any of these programs you will get the money back in the form of a discount towards Dream Business Mastery.
  • Every single one of my products (apart from 1-1 coaching), are inside my Dream Business Mastery COMPLETE SYSTEM
  • I have a membership focusing specifically on Manifestation called the Business Manifestation Club.  You also get access to the Business Manifestation Club inside Dream Business Mastery.


Business Manifestation Club (1)

Manifest the business of your dreams, step into a new reality & transform your destiny

  • Join the Business Manifestation Club and watch your business transform before your very eyes.
  • Every month we focus on a new topic of business manifestation and create quantum leaps we didn’t even know could be possible for us. 
  • For a limited time, you can join the club for FREE. Prices are rising at the end of the month.

For a limited time, get your first 7 days FREE

$24 Per month: First 7 Days Free


Dream business mastery (1)

The proven 7-Stage Dream Business Mastery Method Program for creating your dream business with ease, clarity, confidence, and certainty.

  • This entire system contains everything you need to make your business a success. You will get access to ALL of my CURRENT and FUTURE products in this membership.
  • The Dream Business Mastery Program is specifically designed for content creators and online educators who are excited to manifest all of the results they desire, and appreciate a balanced life of doing work they love, making good money they actually have time to enjoy.
  • Includes group coaching

$497: Payment Plan $44 x 12


Dream Life Coaching (1)

Dream Life Coaching: 1-1 Continuous Coaching to help you create the life of your dreams

  • Using the continuous coaching model, you can get support in a flexible way, on your terms in a way that suits you…
  • Choose one of 3 pathways to get started with coaching to maximize your results…
  • Get a detailed and personalized video from me plus a number of bonuses to help you transform your life…

Get support, mentorship and coaching to create the life of your dreams

Prices ranging from $97 to $397.  Payment plans available.


STAMP Goals Book Mockup 5

Put Your STAMP On The World In 30 Days And Finally Achieve Your Goals

Did you know that goal achievement is inevitable for you, even if you’ve never made any progress towards your goals before?

  • STAMP Goals will help you find your purpose and make it crystal clear in your mind, so you’re sure of exactly what you want to achieve…
  • STAMP Goals will show you a new way to set goals, one that will guarantee you will put your STAMP on the world…
  • STAMP Goals will help you to live your purpose every day, finally achieve your goals and make your dreams a reality…

This 30-day action plan will help both existing entrepreneurs, and those who are yet to start a business.

This is goal achievement like you've never seen before.

Kindle Price $2.99


Manifest the life of your dreams and live your perfect day every single day.

Most people think they want to manifest something specific like money, a business, or a relationship.  But really, they want so much more than this.  Why stop at one thing?  Why not manifest living your perfect day every day. 

I developed a technique for manifesting my perfect day and within just a few months, I had manifested my perfect day.

  • I moved from a cold climate to a warm climate…
  • I moved from a town 40 minutes drive from the coast to a house right next to the beach with stunning views across the sea…
  • My whole extended family ended up living in the same area after being scattered across different countries

Manifesting my perfect day has totally changed my life and brought a level of happiness to me that I never thought possible. 

Now it's your turn to manifest your perfect day


Brilliant Business Brain Stamps

How To Develop The Mindset Of A 7-Figure Entrepreneur Even If You Have No Time, Money, Customers, Or Confidence

  • 10 guided "I am" affirmations to help you develop the mindset of a 7-figure entrepreneur even if you have no time, money, customers, or confidence.
  • Includes 5 morning audio tracks, 5 evening audio tracks, 10 scripts, 10 music only tracks

Automatically Become The Successful Business Owner You Always Wanted To Be In Just 2 Minutes A Day


Time Expander

How To Become Time Rich By Manipulating Your Perception Of Time. Gain All The Time In The World To Achieve Your Goals

  • 80 minute Video training to help you expand time
  • Includes Audios and Affirmations to re-program your brain, checklist, workbook and cheat sheets to keep you on track.

The solution to working less and earning more is found by adopting new beliefs when it comes to how you perceive time.

Would you like to go through your day feeling totally relaxed, knowing that you will always have enough time for everything that matters to you? Do you have a desire to have a completely balanced life where you get to have fun, spend quality time with your loved ones, AND have a thriving business?


Business Manifestation Toolkit - MOCKUP 1 (1)

How To Set Up Success Rituals For Business Manifestation That Aren't Overwhelming Or Time Consuming

  • 36 Business Manifestation Tools to manifest business success
  • 28 Business Manifestation Toolkit Training Videos and audios to walk you through the all of the tools

All Of The Tools You Need For Manifesting Business Success That Easily Slot Into Your Morning, Evening, And Monthly Routines, and Working Day

This Easy-To-Use Toolkit Includes All Of The Tools, Techniques, And Routines That I Use To Consistently Manifest Success In My Business.


Manifest Your Dream Launch - SQUARE

How To Manifest Your Dream Launch In 30 Days With Ease And Confidence Without Overwork, Stress, Or Burnout

  • 30 Training Videos: Binge-watch these videos Netflix style, then go back and watch them one more time to do the powerful life-changing exercises.
  • Includes marketing plans, perfect sales page templates, checklist, workbook and cheat sheets to keep you on track.

The Complete System For Manifesting The Launch Of Your Dreams With Ease And Confidence In 30 Days



Dream Business Blueprint

30 Days To Design The Perfect Business, Get Complete Clarity, And A Fail-Proof Strategy That Is Exactly Right For You.

  • 30 Dream Business Blueprint Training Videos: Over 20 hours of content in total. Binge-watch these videos Netflix style, then go back and watch them one more time to do the powerful life-changing exercises.
  • 24 bonuses including a checklist, and comprehensive workbook to help you plan a 6 figure business in 30 days.

Are you ready to design your dream business in 30 days so that it effortlessly slots into your ideal life, smash your revenue goals, feel completely satisfied fulfilling your purpose - without any of the hustle and grind?

$147 Payment Plan 3x $49

Dream Business Manifestation

How To Manifest Your Dream Business In 30 Days And Reach Your Desired Revenue Even If You Haven't Had Any Results Yet

  • 30 Days To Make $10,000+ A Month Without Hustling Or Doing Work You Don't Enjoy, By Bending Your Belief System And Tapping Into Your Supernatural Support System
  • Includes 5 full products as bonuses including Manifest Your Dream Launch & Business Manifestation Toolkit.

The Complete System For Manifesting The Business Of Your Dreams With Ease And Confidence In 30 Days

$147 Payment Plan 3x $49

Dream Business Message Mockup Square

How To Create Your Million Dollar Message In 30 Days Using My Easy-To-Follow 4-Stage System, Even If You Don’t Know What To Say, How To Say It, Or You’re Scared To Death Of Putting Yourself Out There

  • The proven 4-stage Million Dollar Messaging System for reaching millions with your message by creating your Million Dollar Message In 30 days.
  • Create your million dollar message by following this easy-to-follow 4-stage system

Dream Business Message helps you create your million dollar message in 30 days using my easy-to-follow 4-stage system, even if you don’t know what to say, how to say it, or you’re scared to death of putting yourself out there

$147 Payment Plan 3x $49

Dream Business Product BUNDLE SMALL - SQUARE

How to create a 6-figure digital product in 30 days, even if you don't have an audience, an idea, a team, and are terrified of tech, using my proven 4 Step "Fill In The Blanks" Profitable Info Product Process

  • Create your first info product in just 3 hours using FREE easy-to-use tools, and even have students using it in less than 30 days
  • 31 Bonuses including the Profitable Products Bonus Bundle pack, Manifest Your Dream Launch Course, and a personal video review

The proven 4 Step "Fill In The Blanks" Profitable Info Product Program for creating your 6-figure product in 30 days

$147 Payment Plan 3x $49

Dream Business Movement

How to reach millions with your message by creating a magnetic movement in 30 days, using my proven 5-Step Magnetic Movement Method

  • Create your 6-Figure Magnetic Movement by following my easy-to-follow 5-step method using FREE easy-to-use tools, no matter what marketing channel or communication style you choose to use.
  • 12 Bonuses including 106 Templates Bundle Pack Profitable Products Bonus Bundle pack, Manifest Your Dream Launch Course, and a personal strategy session

The proven 5-Step Magnetic Movement Method Program for reaching millions with your message by creating your Magnetic Movement In 30 days.

$147 Payment Plan 3x $49

Dream Business Sales System Square Mockup

How To Create Your Automated Sales Machine In 30 Days Using My Simple 3-Stage System, Without Having To Do Sales Calls, Live Streams, Or Use Slimy Sales Tactics

  • Create Your Soulful Sales Machine In 30 Days By Following This Easy-to-follow 3-stage System
  • Contains a massive templates pack with everything you need to swipe and create your own automated sales system.  Includes full video tutorials on all aspects of the system

Dream Business Sales System helps you create an automated sales machine using my simple 3-stage system, without having to do sales calls, live events, or use slimy sales tactics

$147 Payment Plan 3x $49