In this video I show you 25 ways to promote your product online on autopilot so you can skyrocket the number of sales you are getting.  The more of these easy strategies you can implement the more sales you will receive.

This workshop is valued at $77 and is part of my Dream Business Sales System course.  I am giving you FREE access to this workshop for a limited time. 

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Get my signature system, Dream Business Sales System to help you create an automated sales machine using my simple 3-stage system, without having to do sales calls, live events, or use slimy sales tactics - in just 30 days

How To Create Your Automated Sales Machine In 30 Days Using My Simple 3-Stage System, Without Having To Do Sales Calls, Live Streams, Or Use Slimy Sales Tactics

What if I told you that you could create an automated sales machine in 30 days, to generate passive income 24/7, using my proven 3-stage Soulful Sales System?

Discover my unique automated sales system that’s been tested and optimized over the last 10 years with hundreds of different products reaching up to the 6-figure mark.

Dream Business Sales System
  • Do you have a product or service to sell and you’re not sure about how to get it into more hands? 
  • Are you fed up of being told you have to hustle hard, push sales on people, and learn lots of slimy sales tactics to make sales? 
  • Are you scared to sell to people because you’re worried about looking too pushy? 
  • Have you been working hard for every sale that you’ve made, and you long to automate the sales process and start getting sales on autopilot?
  • Do you struggle to take time off your business because people always need your help before they pay you?

I totally understand how this feels to want to sell more easily, and on autopilot without looking pushy or sleazy. 

For many years I thought the only way to automate my sales was to use the sales techniques they teach in typical marketing courses, and I really wished there was another way.  

After doing marketing in a way that didn’t align with my own ethics for too long, I finally woke up to the truth.

Thankfully I discovered that there is another way, and you don’t have to use any sales techniques that come across as deceitful or pushy. 

Here’s what most people are told they need to do to sell their products and services online:

  • Create automated webinars and pretend they are live

  • Create fake urgency and tell people products are going away when they’re not

  • Use slimy sales tactics to get people to buy such as agitating the pain points and reminding people how bad they feel

  • Offering massive discounts on products and telling people the discounts are going away, but they never do

  • Offering massive discounts for a limited time after watching a webinar

  • Telling people they have 20 minutes to buy your product but then offering it for sale for days afterwards 

  • Forcing people to sit through automated sales videos that they are unable to skip or speed up, or pause, and not revealing the price until the end of the presentation

  • Being vague about what you will actually get inside the product and whether there are any additional costs associated with buying the product

  • Promise people that all the secrets that they are sharing are inside your product and they won’t be able to achieve their goals with any other method

  • Criticizing all other methods that are different to what you are teaching

  • Rushing people into making a decision quickly by creating pages that disappear automatically after a certain amount of time

  • Using disappearing bonuses or rapidly rising prices to give people fear of missing out

  • Use complicated and expensive funnels that upsell one product after another and use extreme urgency at every step of the way

  • Use psychological triggers to persuade people to buy what you are selling

  • Name drop mentioning all of the celebrities and well known industry experts that you’ve worked with

  • Encourage people to go into debt to buy their program.  I see this a lot in manifestation circles. People often encourage people to use whatever form of payment they can get hold of as they will be able to manifest the money back.  They tell people that showing the Universe that they are serious by spending large amounts of money on a coach will mean they will energetically receive a lot more money back in return. 

If you’ve ever taken a marketing course you will have come across a lot of these strategies. They tell you you won’t be able to make sales without these slimy tactics.

When I started my first business, I believed the marketing experts, because after all, they are experts aren’t they and they are obviously selling a lot of their courses so it must be working?

I took so many of these marketing courses myself that I actually became a marketing expert myself, but I didn’t feel good about using these techniques. 

It was only after I got more heavily into manifestation and spirituality that I found out the truth…

The only reason that these marketing experts are getting a lot of sales of their own products is because they believed they would make more sales with these methods.

Kath Kyle working on her treadmill desk

Sales or any results at all only come because of an assumption that it will happen.  

Whether you are into spirituality or not, it is inbuilt into all humans that as soon as we believe something will happen, we automatically start to imagine what that success will look like.

It is this use of the imagination that actually creates the results, not the particular strategy or technique. 

If you have been following me for any length of time you will know that I stand by what I say that the assumption and the imaginal act has to come before the physical action and strategy, otherwise you are wasting your time. 

So that’s why I incorporate specific instructions in all of my programs teaching you exactly how to manifest your results ahead of time in your imagination. 

However, my manifestation process isn’t a secret, and I won’t pretend that you can’t get this information anywhere else, I just want to make sure you are not missing this crucial part of the puzzle when you take any of my programs. 

What happens to your business when you start to imagine that it is successful ahead of time?

As soon as you start to assume your business is going to be successful, and you have created a memory ahead of time of your business being successful (I call this a Reverse Memory) something begins to happen called The Automatic Unfolding.

The Automatic Unfolding is the action that takes place in your physical reality that brings about the manifestation of your desires.

You are part of this Automatic Unfolding so you don’t need to worry about taking the right action or not taking the right action. You will be compelled to take the exact action that you need to take.

Does The Automatic Unfolding Involve Marketing And Selling?

Yes the Automatic Unfolding will involve marketing and selling if you have imagined a business that makes sales. 

There are of course other ways to market and sell your products other than doing it yourself.  You can pay other  people to market and sell your products for you which can work some of the time. 

However, I find that nobody will ever sell your product as well as you can, and people that you hire will generally only do a good job if you share your enthusiasm for your products with them. 

If you’re able to get enthusiastic about your products, that’s all it takes to actually sell your own products.

Here’s the truth about marketing and selling…

If you have created a product or service that you know can transform lives, you should be excited about it and want to get it into the hands of other people. 

Marketing and selling doesn’t need to be complicated or difficult.  It can come directly from the heart from a place of genuinely wanting to help people. 

When you can get enthusiastic about your product enough to tell people about it, you are already selling it - no special techniques are required. 

What If You Hate The Thought Of Marketing And Selling?

A lot of people have massive resistance to sales and marketing because they have such a bad reputation especially in the online world. 

Instead of thinking of yourself having to sell and market your product, I would like to introduce you to another concept which is to share transformations with people. 

If you focus on transforming people’s lives, it doesn’t matter if someone is paying you for your knowledge or not paying you, your enthusiasm will be just as great. 

Marketing often involves educating people around the topic of your product and raising awareness for the topic. For example you could have a blog, podcast, or a YouTube channel where you give people mini transformations in the form of bite sized pieces of knowledge. 

After people have had mini transformations, a lot of them will want more, and they will want to invest more of their time and money in a more indepth process. 

This is the point where people invest in your product or service when they are ready for a bigger transformation. 

Some people give their products and services away for free but this is actually depriving people of a transformation. 

You see people don’t value things they haven’t invested their time or money in.  So if you give away your products or services for free people won’t take them seriously. 

There is so much free information out there that these days most people only invest their time in something if they have made a commitment with their money. 

That is why it is good for people to pay for products and services, because it leads to a bigger transformation for them. 

And of course you also need to be compensated for helping people to transform.

This compensation doesn’t always need to come directly from the people who get a transformation, (you can make money indirectly through sponsorship or advertising and give away information for free) but if people don’t pay for the transformation they receive they are unlikely to commit to it, so it makes sense to do business from a place of equal exchange. 

You invest your time into a product, and people invest their money to get a faster solution than they would have been able to have on their own. 

Even if you are selling information that is freely available on the internet already, people are still willing to pay for structure and support that comes from your product.  Structure and support can’t be underestimated and it is extremely valuable. 

Why Am I Selling A Product About Sales Strategy If All You Need To Do Is Manifest Sales?

The reason why I’m selling a product about sales strategy when strategy happens automatically as part of the manifestation process is because learning about how to sell your product IS part of the automatic manifestation process. 

There are many things involved in running an online business that you will have to learn from someone else.  

You probably won’t suddenly wake up one morning with your head full of knowledge as to how to create email automations, sales pages, or free gift opt in pages. 

We humans share knowledge with each other and that’s exactly what I’m doing with you. 

Just because you don’t need to use slimy sales tactics doesn’t mean you don’t need to learn anything at all. 

There are still many things to learn to create an automated business that generates sales on autopilot.  And that’s exactly what I’m sharing with you.

If you buy this program, this is part of your manifestation journey towards success, and if you don’t buy this program you can still manifest business success.

You will be led to the journey that is right for you.

I’m not going to pretend that my methods are the only way to get success.  That’s not true.  But if you feel led towards my methods, then they probably are supposed to be part of your journey. 

Is It A Sleazy Tactic To Share Big Results And Encourage Others To Do The Same?

A lot of “ethical” marketers say you should stay away from sharing big results that you or your clients have had after using your methods. 

Big results could be making 6 or 7 figures, dropping 5 dress sizes, overcoming health problems, getting your dream job, buying your dream house, finding your dream partner etc.

These ethical marketers say that it’s not realistic for most people to achieve these big results and therefore you shouldn’t pretend that people are realistically going to get these results and you should avoid mentioning them. 

I don’t agree with this at all. 

Kath Kyle Penarth Pier

I love to share big results in my sales and marketing because:

  1. I get excited when I see big results in other people’s marketing and it helps me realize that this is a desire for me.  It helps me to imagine that this really is possible for me, and if people avoided sharing these big results I’d have nothing to get excited about.  It was only when I saw other people’s success online that I realized what was actually possible for me and I started thinking really big.  Before I saw other’s success I wouldn’t have known it was possible to make money online at all. 

  2. It is the truth.  I share things that have actually happened to me or my clients. I am not going to hide the truth.  In my first business I did make a lot of money very quickly, and even if people may not believe me, I’m not going to pretend it didn’t happen. People do get encouraged by this as they tell me so, so I’m not going to stop doing it. 

  3. I know it is possible for anyone to achieve big results through the use of the imagination.  Other marketers may think it’s not possible for most of their customers to achieve big results but I feel like they are putting limits on their customers by saying that.  They are assuming most of their own customers will be wasting their money as they won’t get good results.  I like to assume the best for my customers.  I assume and also pray that every single one of my customers gets the exact results they desire.  I pray every day for my customers and I believe in the power of prayer and manifestation.  What’s the point in being into spirituality and manifestation if you don’t assume you can have more than the average person who doesn’t utilize these powers?

How Can We Expect To Get Good Results Without Using Sales Tactics And Persuasion Hacks?

There’s no doubt about it that using sleazy sales tactics and persuasion hacks works for a lot of people.  The more results people get from using these techniques the more they rave about them and share them with others. 

What these people don’t realize is that they are utilising the Law Of Assumption when it comes to their results. 

The Law Of Assumption states that whatever you assume to be true will be true.

That’s why people think that techniques work, because they assume the techniques work and they got what they assumed they were going to get. 

Seeing as we don’t want to use unethical sales methods, but we do want the same good results that other people are getting, all we need to do is to assume we are going to get great results with whatever method we choose to use.

This program will give you confidence to create an automated business.  With that increased confidence comes an increase in assumption that you are going to get what you want. 

The Truth About Sales Tactics And Persuasion Hacks

Where did sales tactics or persuasion hacks even come from?  Why did people start using them in the first place? 

The reason people started using these in the first place is because of their assumptions.  Their actions followed on from their assumptions. 

Say for example someone had a product that they really wanted to sell.  They may have assumed that people would need a lot of convincing before they bought the product but they may also have assumed that they would sell a lot of their products once they managed to convince people to buy using any means. 

Their actions would have naturally followed on from this which would have involved a lot of persuasion and convincing to get people to buy.  But then after they got what they assumed, which was a lot of sales, they were convinced that it was because of their sales tactics, and they started telling everyone else to use the same tactics as they thought the tactics were what got the results. 

This is the case with all things in the world - most people believe certain things will work for them, but it’s only ever because of their assumptions.  

You can literally pick and choose how to sell your products and how people will react to you using The Law Of Assumption.  However, one thing is for certain, if you assume people will buy and love your product or service, you will need to feel enthusiastic about getting your product into other people’s hands somehow.

I have been creating online businesses for over 10 years, and have noticed that I get more sales when I assume I’m going to.

All you actually need to do to start making more sales is: 

  • Assume you are going to make more sales

  • Learn the technical aspects involved in making sales online

Once you learn how to technically make sales automatically via an online business, your confidence will soar.  Once your confidence soars, you will naturally assume your business will start to soar.  

You can naturally invoke the Law Of Assumption through increasing your confidence when it comes to business. 

This program will help you do just that and show you how all of the pieces fit together when it comes to automating the sales in your business.

Imagine creating a business where:

  • You get the flexibility to choose your own hours
  • You go on vacations on a regular basis and your business can keep making money while you’re gone
  • You make enough money for all of your desires
  • You get to work wherever you choose and be location independent

What Happened To My Business When I Stopped Using A Lot Of These Pushy Sales Techniques?

When I stopped using these techniques, my sales and responses from people actually went up.  

I gradually dropped tactic after tactic over the years and my businesses have gone from strength to strength. 

The last thing that I have dropped from my marketing has been countdown timers.  I used to think these were essential to create urgency and let people know the offer was coming to an end. 

The problem is that a lot of the time, I didn’t want the offer to come to an end, I wanted the offer to remain indefinitely. 

I used to get a lot of requests to buy a product after the deadline had already passed, which is really awkward and that was something I didn’t want to have to deal with anymore. 

Buying online

Since I dropped the countdown timer off my pages my sales have increased because I have changed my assumptions from “People will only buy because they are scared of missing out” to “People will buy because they want my product and because my product is available when they need it”. 

If you are used to using “bro marketing” techniques, it can take a bit of thought to turn around your assumptions but it is well worth it to create a business that you truly believe in and are proud of. 

And just because I have dropped the countdown timer off my pages doesn’t mean I never invoke the sense of urgency in people.  I talk about urgency when there is a true need to do so.  For example if I am only taking on a certain number of people into my coaching program, that is just stating the facts.  

Also I tend to let people know when a particular promotion is coming to an end.  I will send a certain number of emails promoting a product and let people know this is my last email on this subject.  

I have the assumption that people will naturally buy more of the thing that I am talking about the most as I’m obviously more excited about that than anything else.  And I want people to know that I’m just about to stop talking about it, so if they want to buy something, to get it before they forget all about it.  

I also have almost completely stopped using discounts for established products because I would get in a mess with them and would feel bad for customers who paid full price when others got a discount. 

However, the only time I tend to do discounts now is when I first launch a product.  I will say that the price is going up, and then it will go up shortly after that.  I believe that telling people you are going to be raising the prices if you honestly are raising the prices is a good thing to do because it gives more people the opportunity to get a special deal for being an early adopter.

I have set my businesses up to run on autopilot.  My previous businesses now require no more of my time but the sales keep coming in.  

My main current business which is my personal brand, Kath Kyle is my passion so I am very active in that business.  I am constantly creating new content and engaging with my followers, customers, and clients. 

I am active because I enjoy doing it.  I love to see lives transformed and to engage with people and help them. 

Even though I am currently active in this business, I only work around 3 hours a day and spend most of my time creating new content and products which is what I love to do the most. 

My personal brand also runs on autopilot and makes me passive income.  This means that people can find me, engage with me, and buy my products while I’m not at my computer working. 

I know that if I took a month off from content creation my business would continue to make sales because of the systems that I’ve already set up. 

My aim with this program is to teach you how to set up a business that runs on autopilot in the same way mine does. 

That doesn’t mean that you don’t need to be active in your business.  

All businesses require consistent work until they reach a certain level. 

But that does mean that you can build a machine that leads people towards buying your products and services without you having to manually point them to the next part of the process. 

Once you have enough ways for people to find you, your business can be truly passive like all of my other businesses are. These businesses still generate consistent income for me years after I stopped working on them.

Introducing Dream Business Sales System

Dream Business Sales System helps passionate online entrepreneurs create an automated sales machine in 30 days, to generate passive income 24/7, using my proven 3 stage Soulful Sales System.

Dream Business Sales System

Dream Business Sales System helps you to:

  • Create perfect free gift PDFs in less than an hour to give to new email subscribers to help you build your email list and automate the entire process
  • Write and create your high converting sales page with ease with my plug and play perfect sales page template
  • Create professional product, and free gift images, front covers, bundles, and marketing images in a matter of minutes without having to hire a designer (for free) using my professional templates
  • Easily and quickly create free samples of your programs or packages to give to email subscribers and convert them to sales
  • Create an automated free challenge that engages people without you having to deliver it live
  • Create an automated pre recorded web class that people get value from and converts to sales on autopilot
Mother Using Online Education Website
Dream Business Sales System Mockup
Emails on a laptop screen, wooden desk, office background. 3d illustration
Online shopping concept. Shopping cart, laptop on the desk
Schedule on smartphone
  • The easy way to promote your free gifts to maximise the number of people who subscribe to your email list
  • Create automated product delivery emails that build trust and upsell to other products
  • Set up your shopping cart to take payment automatically and deliver your product
  • 10X the number of sales you make by making a few tweaks to what you've already created
  • Discover the secret to knowing exactly how to price your products and services to maximize your profits
  • Make constant sales organically without spending any money on paid ads or paid promotions
  • Easily promote your products and services to maximise the number of people who buy it
  • Get people rushing to buy straight from your content without ever having to do any direct selling or one to one sales calls
  • Discover the spiritual secret to selling that guarantees more sales for your product. This is a complete game-changer.
  • Create quick and easy regular pre-scheduled broadcast emails to your email list to keep them engaged, and convert them to customers. These broadcast emails can be re-used and added to an autoresponder that engages and sells on autopilot.
  • Create 5 sales emails that you can use for all of your product promotions and sales sequences. You can reuse these swipe files over and over again for all of your product launches and promotions
  • Create a welcome email autoresponder sequence that engages and creates sales from your email subscribers on autopilot

Here's How It All Breaks Down

The 3-stage Soulful Sales System

Dream Business Sales System helps passionate online entrepreneurs create an automated sales machine in 30 days, to generate passive income 24/7, using my proven 3 stage Soulful Sales System.

The 3 stages of the Soulful Sales System are:

  1. Soulful Samples

  2. Soulful Sales

  3. Soulful Society

1) Soulful Samples

The secret to getting more sales is to give away more samples of your paid products.  This is similar to a restaurant giving away samples of their food to encourage people to become customers. 

The more samples you give away, the more people will love what you do and want to buy your full products and services.

All of your free content is just samples to let people know what they are getting when they buy your products. 

Just because something is a sample doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be good quality.  The quality should be high, it’s just that the size of the content will be a snippet of what’s in your paid program. 

From your free content you can either lead people towards free gifts that will add people to your email list, or towards your paid products. 

You will also create some free gifts to help grow your email list.  These free gifts are also samples of your product, but they are slightly more in depth than your free content.  

You have a choice of different types of free gifts that you create, and you don’t have to do everything.  Just making a simple PDF is a really quick, easy way to create a free gift. 

In this program, I show you how to automate the whole process of creating free gifts and how to promote them using organic and free methods.

In this program I show you a range of different ways to create free samples and help you choose the best system for your own business.

2) Soulful Sales

The next stage of the process is to automate and maximize your sales.  

I show you how to lead people towards your sales page, create your high converting sales pages, accept payments, and deliver products automatically so you don’t have to be involved in any stage of the process.

I also show you how to energetically manifest more sales.  

Once you have automated your sales process you can manifest as many sales as you like because customers can find you, pay you, and start using your product on autopilot.

The thing that stops most people from manifesting more sales is the thought of more sales meaning more work from them.  Once you automate the whole process, you won’t have any blockages to manifesting as many sales as you like.

3) Soulful Society

Not only can we automate the process of giving away free samples and getting sales, we can also automate the process of building a community - our Soulful Society. 

The more people invest their time and energy into your brand, the more likely they are to become repeat buyers and fans for life, so it makes sense to build up an automated system that will build a community. 

In this stage of the system, I show you how to keep your email list engaged with broadcast emails, automated welcome emails, and automated sales emails.  

You can use my plug and play templates to easily create emails that engage and convert your email subscribers to buyers. 

Why Is Dream Business Sales System Different?

There are SO many reasons why Dream Business Sales System is totally different from anything you’ve ever seen out there before. Dream Business Sales System:

  • Recognizes that sales come as a result of your belief system, however to believe you are able to manifest more sales without more work requires an automated system

  • Helps you build a unique and personalized automated system that is exactly right for you, the time you have to invest in your business, the product or service you are selling, your confidence levels, experience, and stage of business

  • Gives you all of the templates, swipe files, spreadsheets, systems, and tech support that you need to make it easy to set up an automated sales system

  • Gives you my personal support to answer all of your questions and support you to create your entire system

what you get


30 Dream Business Sales System Training Videos
(VALUED AT $1997)

Over 20 hours of content in total. Binge-watch these videos Netflix style, then go back and watch them one more time to do the powerful life-changing exercises

30 Dream Business Sales System MP3 Audios
(VALUED AT $497)

Download the audio version of the videos onto your phone and listen to them on the move.

30 Dream Business Sales System Slides

Download the slides with all of the details you need so you can refer to the information on the videos at a later date.

Dream Business Sales System Course Checklist

This checklist helps you increase dopamine in your brain by achieving the exercises in this course.

Dream Business Sales System Workbook

This workbook helps you work through the transformative exercises in this course. The magic happens when you do the work and tap into your own belief system and transform it.

And that's not all you get. You also get these fantastic bonuses…

the bonuses
  • Fill In The Blanks Soulful Sales System Templates Pack: All of my Dream Business Sales System Templates, Scripts, Swipe Files, Spreadsheets, and Documents
    (VALUED AT $497)
Dream Business Sales System Templates Pack

I am giving you literally every resource that I personally use to create my automated sales systems fast and effectively. This plug and play system takes all of the guesswork out of creating your automated sales system and makes it super easy and fun.

  • Group Coaching (VALUED AT UP TO $997)
Dream Business Sales System GROUP COACHING

I will provide you with full support by answering any questions you have while you are going through this program.

  • Access To Our Members Only Community And App
    (VALUED AT $97)
STAMPERS Unite Members Group Ipad

This group is only for my customers, so I am here to support you and answer any questions you may have. I encourage you to share your progress in the group as you go along. The best thing is, my members group comes with it’s own app, so you’re not going to get distracted by wasting time on social media as you get the help you need from me, and the other friendly members of the community.

  • VIP Coupon code for 30% off your next purchase with me
    (VALUED AT UP TO $1080)
Kath Kyle Coupon

To say thank you for your purchase, get 30% off any of my other products which include courses on business planning, marketing, product creation, sales, systems, coaching, and personalized reviews.

  • Dream Business Sales System Workbook
    (VALUED AT $97)
Dream Business Sales System - WORKBOOK IPAD

This workbook helps you work through the transformative exercises in this course.

  • Dream Business Sales System Course Checklist
    (VALUED AT $27)
Dream Business Sales System - CHECKLIST IPAD

This checklist helps you increase dopamine in your brain by achieving the exercises in this course.

How to make 6-Figures with low ticket products

And that's not all. I wanted to ensure you had success with your business, so I also wanted to give you these awesome bonuses which are complete video trainings with accompanying templates…

Content That Converts

How to plan your free content so it leads people directly towards buying your paid products.

Sell Without Spending

How to make constant sales organically without spending any money

Lucrative Launch Layout

Map out the next 3 years of product launches to help you get crystal clear on your major business milestones

Magnetic Movement Marketing Method

The 4 magnetic marketing methods that - when combined together make a killer combination of super fast short term growth and sustainable, scalable long term audience growth

Magical Marketing Model

This is the backbone of your business. Without this you won't know how to consistently make money

Raving Fans Revenue

How to make additional revenue with word of mouth by your raving fans.

Engagement On Autopilot

How to engage your students to get results and acquire persuasive testimonials on autopilot using this system.

In addition to all of these standard bonuses, you are also going to get access to my Business Manifestation Bundle for a limited time only which includes 6 full programs of mine:

Business Manifestation Bundle (2)

Manifest Your Dream Launch

Manifest Your Dream Launch

How to manifest your dream launch in 30 days with ease and confidence without overwork, stress, or burnout.

You don’t have to worry about how to sell your product or get the results you desire because I’m giving you the complete system for manifesting the launch of your dreams with ease and confidence in 30 days.

Manifest Your Dream Launch is a standalone product that helps you launch your product and hit your goals. I’m giving you this product totally free as a bonus to help you make sales from the Magnetic Movement that you’ve created.

Manifest Your Dream Launch helps you to: 

  • Sell offers that you are in complete alignment with

  • Figure out how to sell what you love AND what your ideal clients will find irresistible

  • Craft a sales message that is natural, uses storytelling principles, doesn’t feel salesy but forms an instant connection with your audience

  • Decide on the perfect price point that is exactly right for you and will also sell well

  • Help people get off the fence and make a decision one way or another about whether to buy your product 

  • Discover the main reason why people buy products - and it’s not really anything to do with your product at all

  • Set launch goals that you can believe are possible and increase your trust muscle as you go along

  • Make launches fun and easy so you actually look forward to doing them

  • Manifest the perfect launch by creating your results in your mind first

  • Create customers by calling them into existence using manifestation techniques

Business Manifestation Toolkit

Business Manifestation Toolkit

How To Set Up Success Rituals For Business Manifestation That Aren't Overwhelming Or Time Consuming

  • 36 Business Manifestation Tools to manifest business success

  • 28 Business Manifestation Toolkit Training Videos and audios to walk you through the all of the tools

  • All Of The Tools You Need For Manifesting Business Success That Easily Slot Into Your Morning, Evening, And Monthly Routines, and Working Day

This Easy-To-Use Toolkit Includes All Of The Tools, Techniques, And Routines That I Use To Consistently Manifest Success In My Business.

Millionaire Mindset Takeover

Millionaire Mindset Takeover

How To Go From Feeling Unworthy To A Millionaire Mindset Even If You Are Earning Nothing Right Now

  • 10 Lesson Video Mini-Course to Help You Adopt Millionaire Thoughts, Habits, And Achievement.

  • Includes Audios and Affirmations to reprogram your brain, checklist, workbook and cheat sheets to keep you on track.

How To Acquire The Mindset Of A Multi-Millionaire. Complete Training On Reprogramming Your Brain To Think, Act And Receive Money Like A Millionaire.

Brilliant Business Brain STAMPs

Brilliant Business Brain Stamps

How To Develop The Mindset Of A 7-Figure Entrepreneur Even If You Have No Time, Money, Customers, Or Confidence

  • 10 guided "I am" affirmations to help you develop the mindset of a 7-figure entrepreneur even if you have no time, money, customers, or confidence.

  • Includes 5 morning audio tracks, 5 evening audio tracks, 10 scripts, 10 music only tracks

Automatically Become The Successful Business Owner You Always Wanted To Be In Just 2 Minutes A Day

Time Expander

Time Expander

How To Become Time Rich By Manipulating Your Perception Of Time. Gain All The Time In The World To Achieve Your Goals

  • 80 minute Video training to help you expand time

  • Includes Audios and Affirmations to re-program your brain, checklist, workbook and cheat sheets to keep you on track.

The solution to working less and earning more is found by adopting new beliefs when it comes to how you perceive time.

Would you like to go through your day feeling totally relaxed, knowing that you will always have enough time for everything that matters to you?

Do you have a desire to have a completely balanced life where you get to have fun, spend quality time with your loved ones, AND have a thriving business?

STAMP Goals Book

STAMP Book Bonuses 5

Put your STAMP on the world in 30 days and finally achieve your goals.

Did you know that goal achievement is inevitable for you, even if you’ve never made any progress towards your goals before?

I’m also giving you a copy of my book STAMP Goals which is more like a course. There is no fluff in this book, just pure actionable steps to make sure you hit your goals.

  • STAMP Goals will help you find your purpose and make it crystal clear in your mind, so you’re sure of exactly what you want to achieve…

  • STAMP Goals will show you a new way to set goals, one that will guarantee you will put your STAMP on the world…

  • STAMP Goals will help you to live your purpose every day, finally achieve your goals and make your dreams a reality…

This 30-day action plan will help both existing entrepreneurs, and those who are yet to start a business.

This is goal achievement like you've never seen before.

This book also comes with a massive bonus bundle of goodies.


My Business Manifestation Bundle is only available until the end of this launch.  After that this bundle is going away.

The Moving Mountains Guarantee

I’m so committed to helping you build your automated sales system and I want to make it as easy as I possibly can for you to say yes to getting started. 

That’s why I created my Moving Mountains Guarantee.

I guarantee that you are going to have everything you need in this program to help you create an automated sales machine in 30 days, to generate passive income 24/7. 

This program is designed to work with your individual personality, meaning that you can use whatever sales system that’s right for you, because business requires an investment of time and enthusiasm, and you’re only going to stay enthusiastic if you're actually enjoying your work. 

Take 14 days to go through the first 14 lessons of Dream Business Sales System and if you still don’t feel like Dream Business Sales System is for you, simply email my lovely assistant Gnana at and she will reply to you within 1 business day and get your full investment refunded to you.  You can also email me at if you prefer.

There are no hoops to jump through, no work to complete to get a refund.  I want you to feel safe in the knowledge that it is OK to change your mind if this isn’t right for you. 

In total, here’s what you’re getting inside Dream Business Sales System

  • Dream Business Sales System 3-stage Soulful Sales System Training Videos - Value $997
  • Dream Business Sales System 3-stage Soulful Sales System Training Audios (listen to the course on the move) - Value $497
  • Dream Business Sales System 3-stage Soulful Sales System Training Slides (recap the information on the PDFs at a later date. All course information is provided in video, audio and text formats) - Value $197
  • Dream Business Sales System Checklist - Value $27
  • Dream Business Sales System Workbook - Value $97
  • Soulful Sales System Templates Bundle - Value $497
  • Group Coaching - Value $997
  • Members Only Community And App - Value $97
  • VIP Coupon code for 30% off your next purchase with me - Value $333
  • Content Ideas Bank Training & Templates - Value $97
  • Content That Converts Training & Templates - Value $97
  • Sell Without Spending Training & Templates - Value $97
  • Lucrative Launch Layout Training & Templates - Value $97
  • Magnetic Movement Marketing Method Training & Templates - Value $97
  • Magical Marketing Model Training & Templates - Value $97
  • Raving Fans Revenue Training & Templates - Value $97
  • Engagement On Autopilot Training & Templates - Value $97
  • The Business Manifestation Bundle containing 6 full products:
    • Manifest Your Dream Launch Course - Value $497
    • Time Expander Training - Value $97
    • Business Manifestation Toolkit - Value $497
    • Millionaire Mindset Takeover Course - Value $197
    • Brilliant Business Brain STAMPs Audio Package - Value $97
    • STAMP Goals Book - Value $12.99

Total value: $5912

Today’s price: $297

I could have easily charged more for this course, and I am regularly putting up my prices.

You get access to all of this on a lifetime basis for a super low price of just $297

How To Use The Dream Business Sales System Program

I suggest allocating approximately 30-60 minutes per day to going through this program and implementing the exercises.  This time investment is well worth it because after 30 days you will have your entire automated system set up and ready to go. 

Only once you’ve finished the course would I suggest you start looking at the bonuses.  This course is the foundation for everything you do in business from now on, so making it a priority is very important.

Questions other coaches, creators, and business owners asked before saying “yes” to Dream Business Sales System

The business owners who get the MOST out of my programs are usually the ones who ask the most questions.

The ones who dare to ask the hard-hitting questions.

I love these questions because at the end of the day, I only want you to join Dream Business Sales System if you know, without a doubt, that it’s the missing link between you and sales pouring into your business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

So without further ado, here are the most common questions business owners are asking.

If you’re still on the fence, chances are at least one or two of them have been stopping you in your tracks.


I don’t have an idea for my business yet. Will this help me?

No.  If you don’t have an idea for your business, this program won’t help you.  I suggest starting with my Dream Business Blueprint program to help you start and plan a business from scratch. 

I don’t have an audience. Will this still work for me?

Yes it can still work for you as long as you are working on building an audience by creating content on a regular basis.  This program doesn’t show you how to create free content for your blog, podcast, YouTube channel or social media posts.  This program shows you how to set up an automated sales system so you can lead people from your content to your products and free gifts.  If you want more help crafting your message and creating free content start with my Dream Business Message program.  If you want more help building an audience and creating free content, start with my Dream Business Movement program.

Will I get any extra support as part of this program?

Yes.  Not only will you get access to my members only group which includes its own app, you’ll be able to request an accountability partner, and you’ll also get all of your questions answered by me through group coaching either by text or video or live video responses.  You can ask me anything whenever you want.

What makes your program better than all of the others out there?

I am teaching exactly what has worked for me and my students.  I’ve been in business for 10 years and gone through all of the major trainings out there and put them all to the test.  Through the years I’ve seen what’s worked and what hasn’t and I’ve created my own unique system from what’s been proven to work for me and my students. This is a technique that works to create and automate sales without being sleazy or slimy.

How is this worth the investment?

Without a system that points people to your products and takes payment on autopilot, you’ll always be trading your time for money.  You’ll feel overwhelmed and overworked and unable to take a break from your business.   

With an automated sales system in place, you’ll be able to take regular breaks from your business, work less hours, and be more confident that you can manifest more sales as you have the infrastructure to cope with the new people who are coming into your business.

Will this work for my niche/topic?

If you have a business that lends itself to content marketing then this system will work for you.  It works well with businesses that sell information and support such as info products, coaching, books, courses, masterminds, memberships etc.  

If you are selling a physical product, this system will still work for you, but only if you create content that leads people to your physical products.

Will I be able to get this course at this price again?

I don’t like to lower my prices, so you can expect the price to continue to rise in the future.

Once I buy this program will there be anything else I need to buy to get results?

This course teaches you how to lead people from your free content (organic content) to your paid products and how to set up an automated system to sell your products. 

There are usually some costs involved in creating an automated sales system.

However, you don’t need to use the products that I recommend.  You can find free alternatives, but free tools are often limited and not as good, which is why I don’t recommend them in this case. 

If you want to grow your email list, you will need to invest in an email list provider.  I recommend Active Campaign because I use it personally, it is very inexpensive to get started (Use the Lite Plan - that is all that is needed) and it has all of the advanced functionality you need.  It is also very easy to use and I have full tutorials that walk you through using Active Campaign in this program.  Click here to check out Active Campaign

If you already have an email list, you can use the one you have already. 

Another product I recommend is the Thrive Suite.  This is a suite of products that help you sell your products and services.  The main tools I use are page builders to build professional looking sales pages and opt in pages, and lead generation tools to connect my pages to my email list. Thrive Suite has a lot of functionality and it is well worth it. 

Click here to check out Thrive Suite.

However, you don’t even need to do email marketing at all if you’re not ready for it.  You can lead people directly from your free content to your product.  

In this case, you will eliminate the need for both of the tools above.  I have training inside the program that walks you through the right options for you and how to build up your sales system in a way that’s right for you.  

You don’t have to implement everything straight away.  You can build up your system gradually.  When you make money leading people directly from your content to your product, you can invest some of that money back into your business again to start growing your email list.  So you don’t need to worry if you don’t want to invest in online tools right now.

I also recommend an online shopping cart so you can take payments automatically.  The shopping cart I recommend doubles as a product delivery mechanism, so your customers will pay for your product and get immediate access to your product.  I recommend ThinkificThinkific does have paid plans but you can actually create your first product for free, and when you start making money you can upgrade to one of the other plans.  This is what I use myself and it’s so easy to use.

Click here to get started with Thinkific for free.

Does this program help you to create a product?

No it doesn’t.  It helps you to create an automated sales system once you already have a product or service to sell.  If you want more help creating a product, look at my other program called Dream Business Product

What Happens After You Buy?

You will be taken to a thank you page that has a link to my membership portal within the Thinkific platform.  Thinkific will also send you out an email automatically straight away with your login details so you can access the product at a later date. 

If you have any questions, please let me know by emailing and we will get back to you within 1 business day.

Dream Business Blueprint

Get Immediate Access To:

This is an online program that you work through at your own pace.  All of the lessons and bonuses have already been created for you.  You get unlimited replays and lifetime updates to this course. You will receive immediate access to the entire Dream Business Sales System program upon enrolling including the workbook and checklist.  You will get access to all of the other bonuses on the 16th day after you enroll.  The reason I do this is because I want you to use the program first, and not the bonuses, and the course will work best if you do it in the specified order as it all builds on each other.

In total, here’s what you’re getting inside Dream Business Sales System

  • Dream Business Sales System 3-Stage Soulful Sales System Training - Value $997
  • Dream Business Sales System 3-stage Soulful Sales System Training Audios (listen to the course on the move) - Value $497
  • Dream Business Sales System 3-stage Soulful Sales System Training Slides (recap the information on the PDFs at a later date. All course information is provided in video, audio and text formats) - Value $197
  • Dream Business Sales System Checklist - Value $27
  • Dream Business Sales System Workbook - Value $97
  • Soulful Sales System Templates Bundle - Value $497
  • Group Coaching - Value $997
  • Members Only Community And App - Value $97
  • VIP Coupon code for 30% off your next purchase with me - Value $333
  • Content Ideas Bank Training & Templates - Value $97
  • Content That Converts Training & Templates - Value $97
  • Sell Without Spending Training & Templates - Value $97
  • Lucrative Launch Layout Training & Templates - Value $97
  • Magnetic Movement Marketing Method Training & Templates - Value $97
  • Magical Marketing Model Training & Templates - Value $97
  • Raving Fans Revenue Training & Templates - Value $97
  • Engagement On Autopilot Training & Templates - Value $97
  • The Business Manifestation Bundle containing 6 full products:
    • Manifest Your Dream Launch Course - Value $497
    • Time Expander Training - Value $97
    • Business Manifestation Toolkit - Value $497
    • Millionaire Mindset Takeover Course - Value $197
    • Brilliant Business Brain STAMPs Audio Package - Value $97
    • STAMP Goals Book - Value $12.99

Total value: $5912

Today’s price: $297

I could have easily charged more for this course, and I am regularly putting up my prices.

You get access to all of this on a lifetime basis for a super low price of just $297

The total value of this entire course is $5912

Get Dream Business Sales System For Just 


Payment Options



Get immediate access to Dream Business Sales System

$297 or payment plan 3 x $69

  • Get full and immediate access to the full Program
  • Get access to all bonuses
  • Go through the program at your own pace

Top Tier Membership

Get access to ALL of my products including Dream Business Sales System inside my Dream Business Mastery Membership


$97 / month

Special Price For Your First Month: $37

  • Get full and immediate access to ALL current programs
  • Get full and immediate access to ALL future programs as soon as they are ready (at least one month before release date)
  • Get your first month for just $37 ($97 a month thereafter)
  • 15-day money back guarantee
  • Regular price $247 $97 per month
Kath Kyle

Who am I and How I can help you

Kath Kyle

Kath Kyle BW Dress On Step

My name is Kath Kyle and I live with my husband, and two young children in our dream beach home on the waterfront in Wales UK.  I love nothing more than having fun in nature, on the beach, hiking or camping with my family and friends.

I am a green smoothie loving spiritual entrepreneur who gets equally excited about strategic and spiritual ways of growing businesses.

I help soul-led entrepreneurs expand their businesses exponentially and to reach as many people as they can with their life-changing messages.

The method I use in my businesses, which is focused on helping as many people get results as I can has helped me reach millions of people and generate multiple 6-figures in sales all resulting from low priced digital products.

I started my first online business after becoming a full time mum and giving up my job as a teacher.

I struggled to get any traction at all at first despite doing all the “right” things to grow my audience.

When I got my messaging right, my website attracted over 2 million page views in my first year of business.

To date this business has had over 28 million page views, and I have transformed the lives of a massive number of people.

Dream Business Movement - GOOGLE ANALYTICS

I couldn’t have made multiple six figures if I didn’t have an automated sales system set up that took payments while I was looking after my kids, sleeping, working out, on vacation, meeting friends and family, and generally enjoying life.

Now I’m helping others to get the same results. Would you like to be next?

Who Dream Business Sales System Is For

Dream Business Sales System is perfectly designed for:

  • Consultants who have a package to walk their clients through

  • Coaches who would love to transition towards offering automated programs in replacement of or alongside their 1-1 coaching sessions

  • Content creators who would love to get paid for the content they create

  • Authors who would like to sell their books on their own website, or create book bundle packages by creating additional resources, or who would prefer to get paid more highly by offering digital products that command a higher price point

  • Teachers who would love to reach more people and make more money with their teaching

  • Speakers who would love to create video courses to share online and maximize the number of people they can reach without having to travel

  • Spiritually-minded online entrepreneurs who are open minded to doing things in an ethical and non-sleazy way

  • Creators who have ideas for turning their dreams into digital products and getting rewarded for it

  • Bloggers who would love to start making money from their blogs

  • YouTubers who are ready to start being rewarded for their information

  • Podcasters who are ready to start sponsoring their own podcasts with a lucrative personal ad for their own product

  • Influencers who are ready to sell their own products and make a lot more money than selling other people’s products

  • Freelancers who are ready to turn their services into an automated product and stop trading their time for money

  • Agency owners who need to educate their clients and are tired or repeating themselves over and over again

  • Physical Product Sellers/ Amazon /Ebay / Drop Shipping business owners who sell physical products who can either make their physical products stand out by combining them with digital products, or want to transition away from the hassle of selling physical products

  • If you think that creating a system to sell digital information products is the next step for your business, this program is for you

Who Dream Business Sales System Is NOT For

Dream Business Sales System is not suitable for those who:

  • Are a fan of pushy sales techniques

  • Don’t want an online business, or digital products

  • Don’t have anything to sell

  • Don’t have an idea for a business

P.S. Dream Business Sales System helps passionate online entrepreneurs create an automated sales machine in 30 days, to generate passive income 24/7, using my proven 3 stage Soulful Sales System.

All rights reserved ©  Kath Kyle & Co