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You just got FREE access to a very powerful event that can completely transform your business and your life.  Are you ready?

Here's a few things for you to do to make sure you don't miss the marathon:

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STEP 3) Invite A Friend To Join You

Your FIRST assignment is to find a buddy to go through the marathon with and share it with them.  Science shows that people who take on new challenges together are much more likely to reach their goals.


STEP 4) Get Your FREE Gift

To say thank you for joining the marathon, I have a gift for you. While you are waiting for the marathon to start, I'm giving you FREE access to my 10-day Business Manifestation Secrets Course (with workbook and checklist) only available until the end of the marathon.

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I'm so excited for you to go through this marathon to help you become the business master you were born to be. 

Kath :)

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