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  • Secret 1: Pick Your Perfect Product How to choose the type of product to create first that is exactly right for your personality, and your audience and takes less than 3 hours to create your entire product.
  • Secret 2: Profitable Product Topic Selector Discover how to choose a topic that you are passionate about and frame it in such a way that it solves your customer's painful problems and gets them begging you to take their money.
  • Secret 3: Product Creation In A Flash How to create a professional looking product that helps people get results using free tools in less than 3 hours.

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"Before I heard this, I had a few products launched and a few other business ideas, but could never have them properly marketed. 
Now I think everything is possible. If I have a new idea for a product, I know exactly what steps to take to turn it into a successful business and create the passive income I need." Pedro

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