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How To Set Up Success Rituals For Business Manifestation That Aren't Overwhelming Or Time Consuming

Watch my video below to discover 3 POWERFUL Manifestation Tools that you can use straight away to MANIFEST Business Success

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Business Manifestation Toolkit

All Of The Tools You Need For Manifesting Business Success That Easily Slot Into Your Morning, Evening, And Monthly Routines, and Working Day

If you’re into manifestation, spirituality, and self-development no doubt you’ve seen a lot of the YouTube videos, and listened to people talking about their spiritual routines and manifestation practices?

I love watching all of this stuff too. I’m a bit nosy and I love to see how people spend their mornings to set themselves up for success.

It is really fun to watch all of the morning routine videos and experiment with your own morning routine. I’ve been doing this myself for many many years.

I have so many routines in my day that create success on autopilot for me, not just morning routines, but also evening routines, work routines and monthly routines. 

Woman doing yoga at home

I call my routines, Manifestation Rituals because I’ve perfected the art of putting together a series of activities into one time slot and making them into a sacred ritual.

All of these Manifestation Rituals help me achieve constant and increasing success in my business.

Until now, there has never been a toolkit specifically designed for manifesting business success.

Businesswoman working in home office

That’s why I had to create one. It is something I wanted and needed, but nobody else was offering this, so I spent many years perfecting this, and I’m finally ready to share this with you.

Do you work for yourself, and need to keep yourself upbeat and motivated to generate revenue and sales?

Are you a content creator, an influencer, a business owner, self-employed, an author, or do you run any kind of organization or group that you want to grow? Or perhaps you just have a desire to get started putting your stamp on the world, and you’re not sure what to do?

If you answered yes, then what I have to share is going to help you get much better results and you’re going to enjoy the whole process a lot more. 

Do you know that your belief system is literally responsible for the results in your whole business?

From the number of clients you are attracting to the number of email subscribers you have - it all comes from your belief system.

Manifestation is pretty simple actually, and it can be summed up in 5 words...

You get what you believe.

It’s that simple, but simple doesn’t always mean easy.

How do you change your belief system?

How do you even know what you believe?

Changing your belief system can be fast, or it can take time. But it’s always possible. Most beliefs will need some work and some help to shift, and that’s where your regular manifestation routines come in.

When you are chipping away at your belief system on a daily basis, suddenly (or sometimes gradually), you’ll have a complete breakthrough and you’ll literally step into your chosen reality.

And then everything you’ve always wanted for your business will manifest.

And the funny thing is, about us humans, is that when we’ve achieved what we want, guess what happens?

We want more…

And then the whole cycle begins again. 

But this is a fun process. This is part of what makes life fun. Achieving things, then achieving new things. The more you achieve, the better you feel and the more fun you have.

So having regular manifestation routines is a habit that needs to be part of your everyday life so that you can bring this constant cycle of achievement to light.

You have to be deliberate about your manifestations by setting aside some time to work on them on a daily basis. Otherwise they just won’t happen.

But don’t worry.

The time you set aside for your manifestation rituals does not need to be very long.

The bulk of my morning routine only takes 10 minutes every day. The other 50 minutes of my morning routine can be implemented while you are getting ready or working out, or not at all.

Do you have 10 minutes to change your life?

I also have an evening manifestation routine, which again can be as little as 10 minutes, or as long as you like. I love to reprogram my brain for success just before I go to sleep as this is the time when the belief system is literally ingrained into the brain and new neural pathways are formed.

Young woman in cover up jump on the beach
Woman in Yoga Meditation Pose with Headphones on the Beach

New neural pathways in the brain literally create a whole new you - a successful version of yourself. When you ARE successful - that’s when you attract success after success.

Manifestation practices help you become successful right now.

Here’s a big lie that has been floating around for a long time now…

People are saying that to manifest your desires, all you need to do is think about them and they will appear.

Now I’m not saying that this never happens - it has absolutely happened numerous times for me.

But when it comes to business, it’s absolutely never going to happen.

This is what makes business manifestation different to other types of manifestation.

You can NOT just visualise a business into existence without taking action on the business.

10 Goal Setting Benefits For Entrepreneurs You Need To Know
relaxed businesswoman with eyes closed meditating at workplace in office

That’s because the definition of a business is that you give something to someone and in return someone gives you money.

The word “Giving” is a verb, it is a doing word. You can’t give without taking action.

That’s why you can’t have a business without taking action.

But I think this is pretty obvious to most of us. I don’t think anyone would realistically believe that we could manifest a business without taking action.

So the next question I hear you saying is:

“What action should I take to manifest business success?”

And here’s my answer…

The action that you need to take is the action that God/The Universe has placed on your heart.

There are a million different strategies that can be used for growing a business.

But what do you feel drawn to? What ideas do you already have that you have been procrastinating on?

You probably already know what action you need to take, or at least what the first step could be for you.

But you’re not sure.

You keep buying books, and courses and asking people “What do I need to do to have a successful business?” because you don’t trust what’s already within yourself.

You might not know the whole path. You won’t know every single step. None of us do.

But if I asked you what is one thing that you could be taking today to share your message with the world, I bet something would pop into your head.

This is an insight from The Divine. You already know where to start. 

So what’s stopping you?

  • Maybe you’re not confident enough?
  • Maybe you feel like you’re too busy?
  • Maybe you’re waiting for something else to happen first?
  • Maybe you don’t feel like you have the funds needed to invest in your business?
  • Maybe you are waiting for a support team to be unleashed from the heavens?
  • Maybe you’re waiting for a coach to tell you exactly what to do and hold you accountable? 

Let me tell you that you don’t need to wait for anything to be successful in business.

You have everything you need inside of yourself already.

Your higher self (the Divine part of you connected to God/The Universe that has all of the answers) has everything you need.

  • Your higher self has the confidence.
  • Your higher self knows what is important to get done every day.
  • Your higher self knows that the time is now. (or you wouldn’t be reading this)
  • Your higher self will show you how to get all of the resources and support you need for your business in divine timing

Your higher self knows that you don’t need to do anything else today other than just to start.

To be in true alignment, you just have to start.

Maybe you’ve already started?

But maybe you’re struggling struggling to enjoy your work, feel fulfillment, and receive compensation for the work you are already doing?

Your higher self still has all of the answers.

So how do you access your higher self? How do you tap into Divine Guidance?

By making it a priority every day - during your manifestation rituals.

I’m going to show you how to do this.

I’m going to walk you through my entire process of connecting with my higher self throughout my entire day to manifest business success.

I’m sharing my entire toolkit of everything that I do in each of my manifestation rituals.

I used to struggle myself. I used to think the answer to my success in business was to be found inside of the latest business course.

I bought course after course, thinking that this was the answer to get me to the next level in my business. Every month I changed my business model to look similar to someone else’s, and none of it made the slightest bit of difference.

And yes, courses can point you in the right direction when it comes to your business, especially when you are first getting started. But at some point if you’ve bought 20 courses on business success, and all of them are starting to sound very familiar, this is the time to tap into your inner guidance and just ask yourself:

What do I want to do?

What’s my business strategy?

What do I enjoy doing each day?

How do I step into my ideal working day?

And when you start to ask questions like this, this is when you’ll find the answers that are aligned with your own unique purpose. 

Intentions Vs Goals: Which Gets Better Results?

When I started to really connect with my higher self, everything changed for me.

I finally got to the point where I trusted that all of my needs were met, that I was abundant, and that I could relax and truly enjoy my work knowing that I could co-create achieving my goals.

After I did that, the next month, my revenue doubled on one of my previous passive businesses that had been stuck at a certain point for many years - without me having to do any extra work on it.

I have been experimenting with manifestation and co-creation with my business for many years, and this product is the outpouring of everything that I have found to work for me.

I’m literally sharing every single tool that I use on a regular basis. I hold nothing back, and I haven’t included anything in this toolkit that I don’t currently use myself on a regular basis. 

Introducing Business Manifestation Toolkit

All Of The Tools You Need For Manifesting Business Success That Easily Slot Into Your Morning, Evening, And Monthly Routines, and Working Day

Business Manifestation Toolkit helps you to:

  • Manifest your results from all three brainstates, theta, beta, and alpha.
  • Automatically develop the mindset of a 7-figure entrepreneur
  • Create new neural pathways in your brain so your brain remembers your manifestations as your new reality
  • Discover how to co-create your reality by putting your faith and trust in The Divine as your ultimate source of all that you are
  • Revisit your business goals, and manifest them into reality
  • Remember who you truly are and how powerful you really are
  • Decide what you want to manifest, because deciding is the first step and most important step in the manifestation process
  • Bring your ideal day - including the type of work you are born to do - into reality
  • Listen and receive spiritual guidance about your business
  • Transform your mindset from struggling with, to loving yourself
  • Receive million-dollar ideas on a daily basis
  • Manifest more money into your business on a regular basis
Businesswoman Working in Taxi
How To Set 3 Month Goals To 4x Your Results In Business
Attractive business woman having fun while working
  • Set up rituals for constant success while you are working on your business
  • Discover what specific tasks you need to be doing each day for business success
  • Get answers to all of your questions when you don't know how to do something
  • Notice your personal tests and your responses to these tests, so you can move to the next level of success
  • Gather evidence of your manifestations working on a daily basis
  • Be grateful for what you already have as that is the fastest way to bring more things into your life to be grateful for
  • Hear from the divine 24/7 and bring those insights into your business
  • Fill your body with healing light and love, and manifest your deepest desires
  • Sleep your way to success by literally manifesting while you are sleeping
  • Plan your entire business to look exactly the way you want it once a month
  • Review the previous month as very powerful learning lessons will come from this, and you can celebrate all of last month's manifestations

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Mel Manifested 5 Extra Sales After Completing The First Lesson

"This course has helped me mold my mindset in a more organized and positive way so far. It has allowed me to take a step back and focus on the bigger picture goals that I have.

In fact, after completing the groundhog day design lesson, I wrote down a manifestation for 5 extra sales between Monday- Friday after I had launched a collection the previous week.

Typically, sales slow down after a launch like this, but I focused and spoke out loud my desires..

and I received the 5 extra sales within 3 days following. 

So far this course has been very helpful, and I'm excited to see what is to come as I continue through."

Mel Klein

statement jewelry //

Mel Testimonial  Dream Business Blueprint Results

Rina Manifested $500 In Just 3 Days Easily & Effortlessly

I've listened to each of the brain stamps morning or evening, sometimes both morning and evening, since last Wednesday.


I've listened to many subliminals and affirmations via Youtube with some success. I had to stop because all of them contained frequencies and/or binaural beats which caused headaches for me. I was truly disappointed and frustrated as I really believe in this type of reprogramming. 


I was super excited to find Brilliant Business Brain STAMPs. I am pleased to report that thus far I have received $500 in the past three days, easily and effortlessly. 


Since 1999 I have worked with thousands of authors and publishers in various capacities, but when COVID hit, I put services on hold and furloughed our team members. I truly love books and authors and so this was a sad time for me. I figured I would take all of 2020 off as a sabbatical since I've been doing this for 20 years with just minimal vacation times. I wanted to figure out next steps, whether to pivot or revisit other dreams and goals.


After listening to the brain stamps, I felt an urge all of sudden to reach out to clients I have worked with over the years and offered them a very reasonably priced offer. So far, 5 have signed up and I anticipate more to come. The brain stamps really helped me out of a slump. 


I am truly grateful I was able to get the brain stamps. I am excited to see what the next week will bring.


After Just A Week Joe Can Already Feel The Changes

I'm loving the Customer's Come Constantly audio. It's so inspiring and brings me to believe more in myself each time I listen to it. I've been listening to it twice a day for a week and I plan to keep doing that for at least 30 days. I can feel things changing already. Thanks so much Kath for this short, powerful, easy to digest piece!


Activate Your Greatness

Who am I and Why You Should Listen to Me

Kath Kyle

My name is Kath and I have been creating successful online businesses for 10 years and loving every minute of it.

My vision is to help entrepreneurs focus first on their mindset before they even start working on their business. Once more people start doing this, we’ll see the number of successful businesses increase in this world, and that’s very exciting.

I am a mother of 2 young kids so I know what it’s like to build a successful business around hectic family life.

I am a reformed hustler. I now work around 30 hours a week or less. I have set my businesses up in such a way that people find me and buy my products while I’m sleeping. It doesn’t get any easier than this.

I am so grateful that I have the life that I once could only have dreamed of. I live with my husband and kids and we are 5 minutes walk away from a sunny beach. We also live close to my extended family, something that I never used to think was ever going to be a reality for me.

I wake up every morning excited to do work that I absolutely adore, helping entrepreneurs to build thriving businesses, and I couldn’t be happier.

Kath Kyle BW Dress On Step
Business Manifestation Toolkit

The Tools In The Business Manifestation Toolkit:


1) Morning Manifestation Meditation

Manifest from a beta brainwave state when you first wake up in the morning. This 10-minute meditation will help you to rouse from a sleepy state to ready for your morning routine. You'll fill your body with healing light and love, and manifest your deepest desires.

2) STAMP Your Brain With Success

Automatically develop the mindset of a 7-figure entrepreneur even if you have no time, money, customers, or confidence by listening to one of my energizing 2-minute guided "I am" affirmations - while you are brushing your teeth.

3) Tune In To Your Desired Frequency

My Unique Music Manifestation 5-Step process will help you to use music to create new neural pathways in your brain so your brain remembers your manifestations as your new reality.

4) Co-Create Your Reality

Discover how to co-create your reality by putting your faith and trust in The Divine as your ultimate source of all that you are

5) Put Your STAMP On The World

Combine 3 powerful business goals into one goals statement that you will revisit every day which will help you remember your goals, and help them to manifest into reality.

6) Success From The Silence

Remember who you truly are by giving yourself just 1-minute of silence a day. Say my short, powerful prayer first to set the intention for your stillness.

7) Manifestation Journal

Using a daily manifestation journal will help you to decide what you want to manifest, because deciding is the first step in the manifestation process. Getting clear about what you want will make using all other tools in the toolkit much easier.

8) Script Success Into Reality

Scripting is a manifestation tool that transformed my life and brought my dream life into reality in just a few months. I teach the ways that I use this technique on a regular basis for very powerful results.

9) Receive Spiritual Guidance

Part of co-creation with The Universe is to listen and receive spiritual guidance, so it helps to let divine guidance come through in different ways. I share the ways that I tend to hear spiritual guidance.

10) Tap To Unblock

EFT Tapping helped me to transform my mindset from hating to loving myself, to let go of everything that was blocking me, and to stop caring about what other people think of me. I walk you through a specific exercise to help bring business success to you.

11) Train Your Brain

If you want a consistent source of great ideas for your business, you have to make some time to train your brain to receive ideas on a daily basis. I share all of the ways that I have done this with great success.


12) Abundance Log

Whatever you focus on grows, and this abundance log practice will help you to manifest more money into your business on a regular basis.

13) Success Rituals

I show you how to set up rituals for constant success while you are working on your business.

14) TONS Tasks

TONS are tasks that help you to reach your goals. I show you how to structure your working day for success.

15) STAMP 6

STAMP 6 are 6 specific tasks that you need to be doing in your business on a regular basis to manifest business success.

16) Success Celebration

A lot of business owners struggle without a boss to give them constant feedback, so I show you how to congratulate yourself to boost your self-esteem on a daily basis.

17) Intend Every Outcome With Love

This one task will guarantee that you never waste any time on any activity in your business.


18) Record Your Day 

This simple habit of recording your day every day will help you see how well your manifestations are working. When you compare your ideal day in your script to your actual day, you'll see that they get more and more alike all of the time which is very exciting.

19) Daily STAMP Journal

I use my Daily STAMP Journal every evening to walk through 9 powerful journal prompts that have completely transformed my life.

20) Goal Achievement Planning: Success Rituals & STAMP 6

I walk you through my unique goal-achievement daily planning process, that doesn't take long, but brings big results.

21) What's holding you back?

This daily process helps you to bust through anything that is holding you back from success. We catch small things and release them before they blow up into big problems.

22) Brain STAMPS

Deciding every day what you choose to believe, and re-shaping your belief system is one of the most life-transforming things you could do.

23) The ASK Method

This one technique that I use every day helps me to get answers to all of my questions when I don't know how to do something. Never let the "how" stop you again.

24) Daily Scripting For Success

What if you could create the exact day you choose on repeat? Scripting helps you do just this. I'm now living my dream life every day thanks to this powerful manifestation tool.

25) What Tested You Today?

To get to the next level, you'll be tested on a daily basis. Noticing when you've been tested and how you respond will help you to recognize what these tests are trying to tell you.

26) Evidence Log

Gathering evidence of your manifestations working is one of the most motivating things you can do.

27) Give Thanks For STAMPS

Taking a minute to be grateful for what you already have is the fastest way to bring more things into your life to be grateful for.

28) Daily Insights

You are hearing from the divine all of the time. A regular practice of logging these insights will supercharge your results.

29) STAMP It Out Process To Reject Disbelief

The big things that have been stopping us need to be released or we will continue to play small in our lives. This powerful process will unblock the things that are holding you back from success.

30) STAMP Box (Manifestation Box)

Using a manifestation box is a really tangible and fun way to let go of your desires in order to realize them.

30) Journaling To Unlock Greatness

Journaling has got to be the number one way that I have manifested my desires, and connected with my true inner power. I'm showing you how to take your journaling to the next level.

30) Evening Manifestation Meditation

Manifest from a beta brainwave state when you are getting ready for sleeping. This 10-minute meditation will help you to transition to a sleepy state to ready for a deep, restful and healing sleep. You'll fill your body with healing light and love, and manifest your deepest desires.

30) Lazy Reprogramming

Sleep your way to success by literally manifesting while you are sleeping.


31) Manifestation Boards

I show you how to create a manifestation board specifically for your business, in a way that gets results. You will look forward to doing this every month.

32) Monthly Scripting

Bringing emotion to your monthly plans is one of the best ways to make sure your manifestations actually happen.

33) Monthly Brain STAMPS

This technique takes seconds but gives you fuel for manifesting your desires for the whole of the next month.

34) Monthly STAMP Statement

Write a new goals statement once a month that you can use in your daily practice.

35) Monthly STAMP Planning

This is the process that I use to plan my entire business once a month. When I decide what is happening for my business, I know it is already done.

36) Monthly STAMP Reflection

At the start of every month, take the time to review the previous month as very powerful learning lessons will come from this, and you can celebrate all of last month's manifestations.


28 Business Manifestation Toolkit Training Videos

Binge-watch these videos Netflix style, then go back and watch them one more time to do the powerful life-changing exercises and see your business success manifest before your very eyes. (VALUED AT $ 999)

28 Business Manifestation Toolkit MP3 Audios

So you can download the audio version of the videos onto your phone and listen to them on the move. (VALUED AT $666)

36 Business Manifestation Toolkit Tools

Add in one new tool per day, and within a month, you’ll be a manifesting ninja. I keep adding more tools to this toolkit all the time, and with lifetime access you’ll always get future updates to this toolkit. I’ll always share what’s working for me now as I introduce new tools to my own toolkit. (VALUED AT $1333)

2 Business Manifestation Toolkit Workbooks

These workbooks help you work through the transformative exercises in this course. (VALUED AT $99)

And that's not all. You also get these fantastic bonuses...


  • Manifestation Morning Meditation (VALUED AT 66$)
Business Manifestation Toolkit
  • Brilliant Business Brain STAMPS Complete Audio Package (VALUED AT 199$)
  • Manifestation Music Playlists (VALUED AT 33$)
Manifestation Music Playlists (VALUED AT 33$ )
  • The Perfect Prayer For Co-Creation Audio Track (VALUED AT 19$)
  • The Perfect Prayer For Co-Creation Printable (VALUED AT 9$)
  • STAMP Statement Template (VALUED AT 33$)
  • Success From The Silence Prayer (VALUED AT 9$)
  • Manifestation List Examples (VALUED AT 9$)
  • Example Of A Monthly Script (VALUED AT 19$)
  • Scripting Template (VALUED AT 77$)
Business Manifestation Toolkit
  • Positive Words List (VALUED AT 66$)
  • Success Words List (VALUED AT 55$)
  • Spiritual Guidance Resource List (VALUED AT 9$)
  • EFT Tapping Script For Business Success (VALUED AT 44$)
  • Recommended Reading List For Manifestation & Business Success (VALUED AT 9$)
  • Abundance Log Printable Template (VALUED AT 19$)
Business Manifestation Toolkit
  • Abundance Log Spreadsheet Template (VALUED AT 39$)
Business Manifestation Toolkit
  • Success Rituals Examples List (VALUED AT 19$)
  • TONS Tasks Examples List (VALUED AT 19$)
  • Intend Every Outcome Printable Wall Art (VALUED AT 33$)
  • Daily STAMP Journal (VALUED AT 88$)
Business Manifestation Toolkit
  • Examples Of A Daily STAMP Journal Entry (VALUED AT 22$)
  • STAMP It Out Process To Reject Disbelief (VALUED AT 66$)
STAMP It Out Process To Reject Disbelief Ipad
  • How To Make A Manifestation Box (VALUED AT 29$)
  • 100+ Journal Prompts For Abundance: Write Your Way To Wealth (VALUED AT 29$)
  • 100+ Journal Prompts For Success: Write To Rewire Your Brain (VALUED AT 29$)
  • 100+ Journal Prompts For Entrepreneurs: Reflect And Succeed (VALUED AT 29$)
  • 100+ Journal Prompts For Gratitude: Attract More Success (VALUED AT 29$)
  • 100+ Journal Prompts For Productivity: Supercharge Your Day (VALUED AT 29$)
  • Sleep Hypnosis Toolkit (VALUED AT 19$)
  • Manifestation Milestones Board Kit (VALUED AT 88$)
Manifestation Milestones 3 Ipads
  • Monthly STAMP Planning Workbook (VALUED AT 66$)
Monthly STAMP Planning front cover
  • Monthly STAMP Reflection Workbook (VALUED AT 66$)
STAMP Reflection Workbook For Business Growth IPAD
  • Perfect Time Outlines (VALUED AT 33$)
  • STAMP Notes For The STAMP Manifestation Box (VALUED AT $22)
STAMP Goals: The NEW Way Of Setting Goals For Business
  • Access To Our Members Only Community And App
STAMPERS Unite Members Group Ipad

This group is only for my customers, so I give you the utmost attention and answer any questions you may have. I also do regular coaching sessions in this group. I have a vested interest in seeing you succeed. Don’t worry, I won’t leave you high and dry after you go through this training. I am here to personally support you through your transformation. The best thing is, my members group comes with it’s own app, so you’re not going to get distracted by wasting time on social media as you get the help you need from me, and the other friendly members of the community.

As you can see there is a lot of value in this toolkit. The total value of this product is $4,526. But who can put a price on the ability to constantly manifest more business success, more revenue, more personal growth, and more enjoyment in your business?

But I’m not charging anywhere near this price today.

What is The Business Manifestation Toolkit priced at? 

You get access to all of this on a lifetime basis for a super low introductory price of just $79.

Yes I know this price is super low, and it is my introductory offer.  The price is going up very soon when the countdown gets to zero.  So get in now while you still have access to this price. 

Click the button below to get started before the price goes up.

*****GET STARTED FOR JUST $79*****

This page is expiring soon so don’t delay. 


Although I can’t guarantee any specific results, I can tell you that people are raving about this product, and it has totally transformed my own quality of life, work, income, happiness, and success.

I’m certain that you are going to love it just as much, but if you decide it’s not for you, let us know within 48 hours, and we will give you a full refund. 

Business Manifestation Toolkit

*****GET STARTED FOR JUST $79*****

What Happens After You Buy?

You will be taken to a thank you page that has a link to my membership portal within the Thinkific platform. Thinkific will also send you out an email automatically straight away with your login details so you can access the product at a later date.

If you have any questions, please let me know by emailing [email protected] and we will get back to you within 1 business day.

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